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About Transition Year
Transition Year, which has been one of the major innovations in Irish education, is compulsory in Lucan Community College. It provides an opportunity for students to experience a wide range of educational inputs and work experience at a remove from the examination focus.


This is a unique one-year programme for students aged 15/16. It provides a bridge to enable students make the transition from Junior to Senior cycle. It encourages personal and social development and recognises the need for students to grow in independence. Transition Year fosters academic achievement as students prepare for a Leaving Certificate programme, further study and adult and working life. It encourages the development of a wide range of transferable critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

Subjects offered in Transition Year in Lucan Community College are dependent on available resources and may include:

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    • Irish (compulsory)
    • Maths (compulsory)
    • English (compulsory)
    • Accounting
    • Arts, Crafts & Design
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Choreography
    • Computer Applications
    • Construction Studies
    • Consumer Studies
    • Cookery
    • Economics
    • Enterprise
    • First Aid
    • Geography
    • Global Citizenship
  • Guitar
  • History
  • Health Education
  • Life Skills
  • Media Studies
  • Musical Theatre production
  • Outdoor Pursuits
  • Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Public Speaking
  • Road Safety
  • Salsa Dancing
  • School Magazine
  • Spanish
  • Technology, Engineering and Computer-aided Design
  • Textile and Design
  • Video Production
  • Woodcraft and Furniture

In addition, students have opportunities to engage in some of the following activities:


Fundraising in Transition Year
Transition Year is a time when the students can help others in the community. During the past year the TY students have raised money for a number of charities including Autism Ireland, Irish heart foundation, Dyslexia Ireland, Lucan Lions and Laura Lynn. Team Hope was a fundraising of a different type. Students filled shoe boxes with lots of gifts which were collected in late November and sent to many corners of the world, giving joy to children less fortunate than ourselves. Students in class Clarke also did some separate fundraising for Cancer research and Pieta House. Our biggest fundraising event was our TY walk.


TY Walk
On a wet miserable windy day in May almost 140 transition years took part in the annual TY charity walk. It took place in and around the Lucan Demesne and students walked just under 10km. The students raised approximately €2750 for the Laura Lynn Hospice in memory of Molly O’Toole a second year student who passed away earlier in the year. A big thank you to all the students involved, your kindness will help lots of sick children and their families. On their return from the walk the students received a goody bag and a drink to help replace some of their lost energy.

Youth Venture Trip
Each student had the opportunity to take part in a Youth Venture Project Trip. One took place in September and we kept the second trip until May presuming that at this time of year we would have good weather. It was undoubtedly not to be. Twenty three students set out with Ms Clifford and Mr Phelan and the guides from Youth Venture. They assembled on the basketball courts at 8am where they were given their survival gear of rucksack, sleeping bag, cooking equipment etc. A bus took them off up the Wicklow Way and dropped them off for their survival challenge and challenge it was. Climbing mountains while carrying a rucksack and sleeping gear is tough at the best of times but when the cold wet weather set in, things were difficult. Although cold and wet they set up camp and encouraged each other to continue. They lasted the 24 or more hours returning to school exhausted but all talking about the great time they had.

A Student’s Acoount of the Youth Venture Trip in May 2015 by Eoin Hayes

On the 7th May, 23 of us met at our school and set off on quite the adventure. Firstly we were given our packs and gear that we would need for the hike over the next few days and then we set off to the Wicklow Mountains. The bus ride was the last chance for luxury that we would have over the next 2 days, if we’d had known that then we would’ve enjoyed it a lot more. When we arrived at our starting location we were split into 3 groups with a group leader in each and given a map and a walkie-talkie. We started the hike early in the day and stopped for a few breaks before we got to a large field filled with sheep. Here we stopped and in our groups we participated in some fun team work games that included crawling through the field as fast as we could and spinning like lunatics with our heads on sticks. Ms Clifford definitely cheated. Afterwards we packed up our gear again and continued on our journey to the top of Scarr Mountain. The next part of the hike was by far the hardest part, as we had to climb for about an hour and a half uphill to reach the top of the mountain. Some of us struggled to get to the top but we pulled together as a team and made it to the top. We spent a while at the top of the mountain taking pictures and admiring the view. For the entire journey it rained non-stop.

We then started the long journey down the mountain and after a hard trek we reached the forest where we would be spending the night. We were shown how to make our camp and really enjoyed the experience of setting up our tarps and sleeping bags and cooking our own food. That night we gathered around in a circle and we all told each other about ourselves and really bonded as friends. We were sent off to bed then and we were all so exhausted we fell straight asleep.

The next morning we set off on the last part of our hike after cleaning up our camp. This part of the hike was probably the easiest as it was mostly downhill and wasn’t too hard as we were all well rested. We stopped for a small break at a river and cleaned out all our cooking equipment before continuing on to the final stretch of the hike. We arrived at Glendalough at about 12:30 and we all changed from our wet clothes into our dry clothes. We then got on our bus again and travelled back to school. We packed up the gear when we got back and thanked both Damion and Eamon for such an amazing experience and finally got to go home to our nice, warm beds.

Overall it was an amazing, fun and challenging experience that we would all recommend highly to anyone interested.
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First Aid
Students in TY have the opportunity to take a First Aid Module. Students learn the basics of first aid which is a skill for life. The students who took first aid as a module this year had the opportunity to try their skills at CPR and AED (using a defibrillator). With their teacher Ms Hickey they were taken in small groups and given some basic training in the use of CPR and the use of an AED . This may be a skill that someday may help them to save a life. Congratulations to all those who took part.


Motivational Workshops
The TY students had the third workshop in leadership with the Super Generation, this is a motivational workshop and the final session was based on study skills and achievement to help students to organize themselves for the start of fifth year. Twenty five students were also involved in a practical team building workshop with Eagles Flight. This was broken down into two sessions where the students had to use their decision making, initiative and logical reasoning to achieve the goals set. In the afternoon session, they had to construct a large bridge across the room depending solely on team work. The students found it to be a positive and practical session and have highly recommended this for next year’s transition years.

Aware Workshop

Each class had the opportunity of participating in a workshop with Aware. The workshop was given to help students to identify specific key signs of negative thoughts and how to deal with them. It also showed students positive behaviour therapy techniques for dealing with stress and other triggers.

French Theatre Workshop
A team of performers came to visit the students taking French. They put on a performance and included the students in the event where all were involved and immersed in the language.


Self Help Africa Workshop
The religion classes were involved in a work shop with Self Help Africa. Each class had a workshop looking at the problems, Resources and ways of developing aid. There will be a follow up workshop later in the year.

CSI workshop

A crime scene was set up and the students had the opportunity to check out fingerprinting, DNA etc. All students participated in the event and students were able to see the uses of science in solving a criminal case.

Adventure Trip

The students spent an overnight in Delphi Adventure centre leaving the school at 8.30am on Thursday 23rd of October stopping in Galway for a break before arriving in Delphi for a fun packed 24 hours. Students participated in the various outdoor activities rock climbing, abseiling team work, orienteering & more. The purpose of the trip was for the students to try new skills while making new friends and working as part of a team. In the evening we had a table quiz in the sports hall and each team were rewards with chocolates for their efforts. Little sleep was achieved as new friends chatted through the night before taking on new challenges the following day. We left Delphi at 4.45pm on the Friday and students having evaluated the trip were happy with all aspects including the meals provided but if they could have changed anything it would be the weather!!!!!

Amnesty International Day

The “Shining A Light on Human Rights” event in LCC celebrated human rights day. The amnesty group organised an array of activities to celebrate International Human rights day on Dec 10th (the 66th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). These events included a cake sale, ‘write for rights’ campaign, First year acrostic poem competitions, and selling wrist bands. A lantern event took place on the day to highlight the 39th anniversary of the Bhopal, India Gas Leak and calling for justice for the victims. Students also created a large model of a cake with 30 candles representing the articles from the declaration of human rights. The candle was art work produced by first year students. This group also held a fundraiser and awareness raising event for homelessness staging a sleep-out in the school.

A big thanks to all who made the events so successful especially the hard working TY & 5th year Amnesty group, to all students who participated including English & Religion departments and Tutors of Junior Certificate Classes and all staff.


New Arrivals: Ready or Not Tot Programme
Through our health education programme the students will were introduced to the ready or not tot programme. This is a baby simulator which the students can take for two nights to see what parenting involves and the demands of a baby. We encourage as many students as possible to avail of this experience.


A large group of students participated in the Gaisce Awards by taking the challenge of the Bronze award. Otherwise known as the President’s award this award is for young adults between the ages of 16 to 26. There are four areas that students need to complete to attain this award. Please visit www.gaisce.ie for more information. One of the challenges is an overnight hike 25KM. The students went to Lough Dan in Wicklow and did part one of their hike on the first day across 12Km of Wicklow mountains and after all the fun of an overnight hostel experience they completes a 13Km hike the following day before returning to the college exhausted but enthusiastic on having completed the challenge. All the students who have completed the four tasks will receive their Bronze Awards at an assembly in September.


Collins Barracks

Two of the history classes took a journey back in time when they got to participate in history workshops in Collins Barracks looking back at life around the time of the lockout & independence for Ireland. Thanks to Ms Joy & Ms Gallagher for organising this visit.

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A computer based programme that tests the IT skills of the students in seven areas. The ECDL class of 2014/15 have completed all seven modules and passed with flying colours. The ECDL certificates will be available and presented to the students in September.

TY Musical Westside Story

Four nights of wonderful music could be heard coming from the dining hall. Students had spent most of the year during drama and music preparing for this week. There was a calm air around the school in the week leading up to the musical with excited students just waiting to get the show on the road. Each student involved had a vital role to play in the production from those involved backstage, costume and make up to all the cast members. They were a credit to themselves, parents and the school community. Congratulations to you all, it was a terrific show and many thanks to Ms Conway & Mr Duffy on all the hard work involved in putting such a difficult show together with such professionalism. The students will have memories of it that they will carry with them for life.


Guest Speakers

Ian Taylor who was successful in climbing Mount Everest came into the college to talk to the students about his experience of this wonderful achievement showing amazing pictures of his journey while answering questions from the students who were enthralled by Ian’s talk.
Donal Pattison, a past student who is now a successful barrister came into the school to speak to a group of the students who were taking the law module. He gave them a step by step account of life as a Barrister and his journey to get there. He also showed the students the attire that is worn by a barrister while intriguing them in some of the cases he has covered.

Road Safety
Students take lessons in driver education and road safety. We also had a visit from the Road Safety Authority who gave workshops to students on driver simulators and in a rolling car to demonstrate the importance of wearing a seatbelt.