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Lucan Community College will accept applications for Frist Year of the next school year from students from 6th class primary (and not 5th class as had been the case prior to 2020) from the start of October of the year preceding entry until the published closing date (usually the Friday prior to the October midterm break). Please check with the college for exact application dates as they can change from year to year and the closing date is strictly applied.

Applications received after this time will be categorised as late and will only be considered after all other categories have been processed. We will be in contact to explain the category assigned to your application and to offer places where available before the Christmas break. Lucan Community College receives many more applications than we have places to offer and the admission policy is strictly applied. Please read the relevant admission policy on the page linked to below and contact the front office if you have any questions.

The Transfer Admissions process (to year groups other than First Year) is outlined in the Admission policy also and the timing is different to the First Year process.