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Incoming First Year

Parents/guardians of 1st Years 2021 should now access the First Year Information page for all of the start-up details.

Welcome to the Online Information Pack for 2021 Incoming First Year Parents/Guardians and students

This page will remain available in case of any late offers for a place in 1st year 2021 and will then be updated for the Admissions 2022 process will be begin in October 2021. This information and the surveys below are only relevant to parents who have applied through our admissions process and who have been offered and have accepted a place in the school. This page should not be used to provide information on applicants seeking a place in the school.

This page will guide you through the remaining steps of the Admissions process. An online parent information evening was held on Tuesday 19th January to introduce parents/guardians and students to our college. Please find the powerpoint used for this meeting here. The recording of the information evening can be viewed here.
If you receive an offer from another school and you decide to accept this, please let the school office know immediately so that we can offer the place to the next person on the waiting list.

Latest Update 8th Feb 2021
You have now received your VSware username (e.g. X.123456) and details for accessing your account by text message. You should record the username and the password that you generate through this process somewhere securely as you will continue to use this to access your child’s attendance, timetable, reports, etc. throughout their time in our college. You will be assigned a different username for each child you have in the school. Please note that VSware – our student management system is different to eNROL (MIT) – our online payment system  and you will have different usernames (and passwords depending on what you choose) for these systems. You need to click on Your Children and your child’s name in order to see the Options section.
Here is what to do next:

    • read and print the checklist below and use this to guide you through the actions you need to take
    • read the subject information booklist and watch the information video. Follow the instructions for completing the 1st year options form online on VSware – Deadline for completion is: Sunday 14th Feb 2021
    • thanks to all who have already completed Survey A. If you have not yet done so, please complete this immediately as otherwise the completion of the enrolment process may be delayed. Deadline for completion of Survey A is Thursday 11th Feb 2021.


This document will guide you through the steps involved in completing the admissions process. We suggest that you print it and tick off the different steps as you complete them. Incoming 1st year Admissions Process Checklist available here to download

NEW!!! Subject Option Information
Please read the 2021 subject information booklet and consult the information video now. Discuss which subjects you are most interested in from the options list. Discuss whether you would prefer to study French or German.

Then, when you receive a text message about the subject options process (planned for Monday 8th Feb 2020), please follow the Information for the online completion of 1st year options 2021-22 here: Information for the online completion of 1st year options 2021-22. You need to click on Your Children and your child’s name in order to see the Options section. Deadline for completion is: Sunday 14th Feb 2021.

The school process of assigning options to students will only start running after the deadline has passed so please take the time you need this week to make good decisions as you number your subjects from 1 to 9.

Admissions Surveys

We have now sent you a link to Survey A by text as part of the Admissions Survey we will be sending you. Please complete Survey A immediately.

Please read this page before you complete the Admissions Survey B that can be accessed here: Survey B link.

These surveys gather:

      • contact information that you have already provided on paper but which it would be useful for us to have electronically;
      • permission for us to contact the primary schools to gather further information about your child;
      • additional information that will be useful as we start the process of getting to know your son/daughter.

Online payments

All parents have now been set up to use our online system to complete payment for your son/daughter. Please follow the instructions outlined here.

Assessment Day 2021

Due to the pandemic we could not run our Assessment Day for 2021 entrants. We plan to run them at a later stage when students have settled in to school.

Acceptance of Code of Behaviour
As part of your application to the college you as parent/guardian have already signed to confirm your acceptance of the school Code of Behaviour and that you shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure compliance of same by the student. The Code of Behaviour and related documents can be read  here.

DES Data Request Form
As part of your acceptance form you have already completed the Data Request Form requested by the Department of Education and Skills. ***Parents offered a later place have now been sent this form which should be posted to the school.**

Permission to contact Primary School
You will be asked to confirm your consent on an electronic survey (Survey A) issued by the college: I/we give consent to contact my child’s primary school and to obtain copies of teachers’ records, class notes, academic records, psychological reports and other records necessary for my child’s educational welfare and for aiding his/her transition to post-primary. The information provided by the primary school helps us to identify any strengths and challenges that your son/daughter brings.

Student Photo and Image Policy
Please read the Student Photo and Image Policy available here. You will be asked to give your consent to this policy on the online survey.

Use of Privacy & Personnel Data Policy
Please complete the Use of Privacy & Personal Data Policy and confirm on the online survey that you have completed and returned it to the school office.

Health Information
If your son/daughter has any specific needs or medical conditions that we should be aware of you will be given the opportunity to let us know brief details on the online survey form. If your son/daughter has a long term health condition please arrange to complete the Health Information Form for parents of students with Chronic (Long-term) health conditions and return to the school.

Locker Rental
Locker letter Please read the locker information and arrange to pay the locker rental fee online.

School Uniform
School Uniform Information Read this information and purchase the uniform through our uniform company.

School Books

In June you will receive the booklist for 1st year. When your option subjects have been confirmed, you can order the books online from our book supply company or visit their shop. A school book sale may be arranged in the school later in the year.

Additional Information
Advice from other parents This document shares advice from other parents to help you prepare for your child to settle in in 1st year.

Child Protection Guide for Parents/Guardians Please read this information.

Religious Education in our school Please read this information.

Wellbeing Information Leaflet Please read this information.

Homework/study policy Please read this information.

Extra-curricular Our Extra-Curricular programme is ever-growing. Please read this information.

DDLETB Privacy Notice to students and their parents/guardians Schools gather lots of information about your son/daughter. This explains why it is needed, how we use it, how we store it and how we destroy it safely. Please read this information.