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TY options information for VSware

Please follow the steps set out here to enter Transition Year options for your son/daughter.

Advice on completing the online vsware subject choice for Transition Year 2021/22:

As parents of next year’s Transition Year students you are requested to choose TY subject options with your son/daughter via your parental VSware account by Friday May 21st at 4pm. In order to complete this process, you will need to visit our VSware website www.lucancc.vsware.ie (vsware is best accessed through Google Chrome).

*Parents must enter the TY options in their parental VSware account – students cannot enter options in vsware*

  1. Start off by entering your username and password and click ‘sign in’. If you have forgotten your parental VSware password please click ‘Create/Reset Password’ under the login in section on the VSware login page. If you have any difficulties accessing your parental vsware username please contact the school at admin@lucancc.ie
  2. Once you have set a new password and logged in you should select ‘student options’ on the left hand side panel. You must proceed to enter each subject in order of preference using the drop-down menu. (There is a video available at https://vsware.wistia.com/medias/kr62eqh02z that will show you exactly how it’s done).
  3. You will select your Transition Year subjects in order of preference on each option line.
  4. To allow our transition year students the opportunity to experience subjects/modules that are best suited to them, we ask parents and students to list 3 choices for each option in order of preference (putting the subject/module most wanted first, the next favourite second etc.).
  5. VSware uses software that helps students to get their preferred subject choices in each option line. Please be aware that it may not be able to give you your 1st choice if too many other students select this same option. In these case you may be offered your 2nd or 3rd option for the first term (module 1 Sept – Dec).
  6. Most options run in two modules so if you do not get your top choices in term 1 (module 1: Sep – Dec) you may still get them later in the year for module 2 (Jan – May). 3D printing and YSI are exceptions to this.
  7. The second last option line will ask if you would like to study a computer training subject called Microsoft School Connect outside of the timetable hours as an additional TY subject. This certified programme runs for the entire year. Select ‘Do not wish to study if you would prefer not to take up this additional choice. Please note the cost to taking the accredited Microsoft Connect training programme of €100 (payable in September).
  8. Finally, if you are interested in auditioning for the Transition Year musical can you indicate this in the final line of the options page. Auditions will take place in September for those who have expressed an interest.

Once the above steps are completed the process is complete. There is no need to save as this happens automatically. Changes can be made up to the deadline of 4pm Friday 21st May 2021 – after this time all selections are confirmed. If the process is not completed options will be assigned according to available space.