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Transition Year Information

Updated 13/12/2022

Transition Year Christmas Assessments

Dear parents/guardian,

As you are aware 2nd and 5th year students will be doing formal Christmas Exams from Wednesday 14th to Monday 19th December. Transition Year students will be doing exams in English, Irish, Maths and French/German on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th December.

  • 2nd and 5th year exams Take place in GYM, HALL mainly. Some exams will take place in other rooms. Students have been given a copy of the exam timetable. Any changes to the timetable will be communicated to students by relevant subject teacher. The most accurate version of the timetable will also be on the school website. Transition year exam timetable with rooms can be found here.
  • Assessments for some subjects will be given in class time. Teachers will communicate this to students where it applies.
  • Students should be familiar with the timetable and know what exams they have each day and what centres they are in.
  • Students are not required to be in school if they do not have a timetabled exam. HOWEVER, if a student has an exam on both sides of morning break then the student must remain in the building during morning break and go to his/her classroom for registration on that day.
  • 5th year exams are timetabled for 90 mins and 2nd year exams are timetabled for 58 mins. This time includes time for both the distribution and collection of examination papers. Some 2nd year students will have exams back-to-back and may also have to move centre. Students must move between centres in SILENCE as others will be doing exams.
  • Transition Year students will have two exams on Wednesday 14th and two exams on Thursday 15th . These will take place in the M and L areas. Students have been given a copy of this timetable and it is also published on the website. Transition Year students will have registration as normal on Wednesday and Thursday. Transition year students are not required to be school on those two days outside of these times.
  • Full uniform and all school rules and procedures apply at all times during the examinations.
  • The use of mobile phones or other smart devices are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in any exam centre.
  • Students must have their own pens, pencils, geometry sets, calculators with them. Borrowing of such equipment is not allowed. Students will be provided with all writing paper required. Students will be provided with Maths Table where these are required for the exam.
  • Students should use the bathroom before coming in to the exam centre. It is very disruptive to other students when students leave the centre during an exam.
  • In a small number of cases, the 2nd year exam will be ending in a centre where a 5th year exam is continuing. This has been kept to a minimum. 2nd year students must leave the exam centre in SILENCE in these instances.
  • Normal rules regarding attendance apply during exam times – if a student is absent when he/she is due to have an exam then a parent must inform the school of this. Students are expected to attend for all exams. There is not a facility to rearrange exams if a student is absent for an exam.


RE: TY students of 2022/2023        Last Updated 25/11/2022

Junior Cycle Results – an explanation
Dear parents/guardians,
Congratulations to your son/daughter on their Junior Cycle results. We hope that students and parents were very happy with the result of all the hard work over the last three years and can continue to engage positively in the Transition Year programme.
Please note the following in regard to requests for the appeals process for Junior Cycle as set down by the SEC and information about the new grading system is below also:
The following conditions apply to applications for a review of Junior Cycle results: 
(i) The SEC does not accept appeal applications directly from candidates, parents or individual teachers. 
(ii) Applications will be accepted only from the School Authority. The Principal (or authorised representative), must consider that the examination result attained by the candidate is significantly at variance with the school’s considered judgement of the performance of the candidate concerned at the examination in question. The application form can be completed, scanned, and submitted to the SEC by the deadline by email. A valid appeal will require the signature of the Principal certifying that the appeal is warranted as set out at (ii) above.
There is no fee for JC Appeals. If you as a parent/guardian feel that the result attained by the candidate is significantly at variance with the school assessment received and wish to propose an application for an appeal for any student please send the following information to admin@lucancc.ie on or before 12 noon on Monday 28th November 2022 so that it can be considered by the principal, appeal coordinator and relevant staff members:
  • Candidate Examination number
  • Candidate Name
  • Subject for Review
  • Subject level
  • Reason for requesting a review/appeal
Please put this sentence in the Subject line of your email: Application for Review of Junior Cycle Results 2022 (Appeals) JUNIOR CYCLE GRADING SYSTEM
This year marks the full return of externally delivered Junior Cycle examinations for all candidates and the first full year of examinations in the reformed Junior Cycle. Until 2019, only English, Science and Business had been examined under the reformed curriculum. Apart from Irish, English & Mathematics which are examined at Higher and Ordinary level all other Junior Cycle subjects are now at Common level.
The following table provides an explanation of Junior Cycle grading system.Junior Cycle LevelsArd/Higher; Gnath/Ordinary; Comhleibhéal/CommonJunior Cycle Grades
≥  90 to 100 Distinction
≥ 75 and < 90 Higher Merit
≥ 55 and < 75 Merit
≥ 40 and < 55 Achieved
≥ 20 and < 40 Partially Achieved
≥ 0 and < 20 Not Graded (NG)


Release of Junior Cycle Results – please read letter to parents here or below: Plan for Junior Cycle Results Nov2022

Our TY students have had a long wait for their Junior Cycle results and we look forward to receiving them on Wednesday 23rd November.

Thanks to all teachers, tutors, AEN, SNA and guidance teams who supported these students over the past three years. Thanks to you as parents/guardians for accompanying the students on what has been an extraordinary journey to say the least. We hope that the results achieved will demonstrate the hard work and dedication of our students and all who supported them.

 Garda Visit:

Tuesday 22nd Nov 2.00-2.45.

The Gardaí will meet with all TY students in the dining hall at 2pm to remind our students of safety during any celebrations they may be planning.

During this talk, Gardaí advise parents to

  • Bring your child to whatever celebration they are attending;
  • Collect them from the venue when the event is concluded;
  • Check that they are attending the venue they indicated to you;
  • Know where they are and who they are with;
  • Ensure they remain with a group of family/friends and are not alone.

Students will return to class after the Garda talk.

Distribution of Results in school:

Wednesday 23rd Nov

  • 50 class as per timetable
  • 48 students go to the reg room of their former 3rd year tutors.

M3- Walsh- Ms Byrne
G2- Collison- Ms McCarthy
C5- Malala- Ms Cunningham
C3- Gonzalez- Ms Clifford
L2- O Riordan- Ms Mulhern
M2- Greta- Ms Gaffney

  • Special arrangements are being made for former students and a member of staff will be in contact with parents before Wednesday to confirm the arrangements.
  • 00 students are accompanied to the dining hall by their 3rd yr tutor
  • Words of congratulations from Principal, DP and Year Head.
  • Results distributed by former 3rd year tutors, class by class and student will be released to go home before small break at approximately 10.45am.
  • Please note: TY students will have a late start on Thursday and will not be required to come in until 10.58am tutorial.

Access to Results from home:

An important letter was given to students on Friday 18th November including instructions for how to access the results from home using the student exam number and PIN number needed to access this service. Online access to results is only available from 4pm on Wednesday.

We hope that all of our students enjoy their special day in the company of family and friends. Further details about the results process will be enclosed in the envelope with results.

Thank you for your ongoing support as parents/guardians and best of luck to each and every student at this exciting time. Ms Casey and the tutor team send special good luck wishes to all.

Wishing the very best of luck to all of our students.

Remember that this is just another step on your learning journal.



Photographs and videos are stimulating forms of media which can motivate and inspire students and staff. Research has shown that using such forms of media in education can help encourage creativity, motivation, as well as improve communication and team-working skills.

Lucan Community College asks that parent(s)/guardian(s) consent to their son/daughter being featured in photographic and videographic promotional material if their son/daughter is under 18 years of age. Where a student/staff is 18 or older, he/she is capable of giving such consent. The form on the link below is requesting that consent be given for each use of photograph or video footage.

Student & Staff Photographic-Videographic-Image-Consent-Form-1

7th October 2022

Important Information: Lilliput Activity Trip – Thursday 13th October 2022

Bus departs: Lucan CC at 8.30am sharp

Bus returns: Approximately 4pm to Lucan CC

Please do not be late as we need to allow for some traffic on our route from the school.

Students will be in their class groups. Activities run from 9.45am-3pm.

The activities are outdoor, so you are reminded to wear lots of layers and have a raincoat. Bring some snacks/lunch and some water as there is no shop but we will have Pizza before we leave for home in the afternoon.

A complete change of clothes and runners and a towel is needed, wear your school tracksuit initially.

I suggest you bring a black bin bag to carry any dirty clothes etc. and do not bring expensive new runners/clothing or any electronic equipment that is valuable and easily damaged.

Please do not attend if you are showing any signs of illness.

I believe these trips are an integral part of the Transition Year experience and I am looking forward to accompanying you alongside your Tutors and Ms. Casey. You are lucky to have such a great bunch of people supporting you and I have no doubt that you will have a great day – be enthusiastic and well behaved for the duration.

Here’s to a great day!

Ms. Higgins & the Transition Year Team.

Lucan Community College

Transition Year 2022-202

Additional Information:

Please ensure that every student and parent/guardian signs the school journal (Page 2) when they are distributed to confirm that you have read and understood the school policies and to confirm your commitment to following the school code of behaviour, uniform policy and other policies. Please ensure your son/daughter understands all our policies especially personal presentation, mobile phones, acceptable user (ICT) and attendance/punctuality. We also encourage students to join extra-curricular activities when they restart.

Please keep an eye on our website www.lucancc.ie and Twitter account @lucancc1 for updates at the start of the year and use your VSware access throughout your child’s time in our school. Our parents’ association social media accounts and contact details are also available on our website.

Take care and have a safe and relaxing summer before the excitement of a new school year begins again.

Best wishes,

Diane Birnie  (Principal)