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Sixth Year Information

Last Updated 9th January 2023

Important Information about Coursework for the State Examinations if a student is taking a subject outside of school.

The SEC recently published important information (in Circular S69/04) in relation to the acceptance and authentication of Coursework for the State Examinations, this information can be accessed here

Below is a summary of the circular: 

“Implications of regulations for students considering studying a subject outside of school

It is vital to note that, as outlined in Circular S69/04, the arrangements for the acceptance and authentication of coursework for the state examinations have significant implications for candidates who may intend to study any of the relevant subjects outside of a normal school setting, either on their own or with private tuition. In these circumstances, it is not possible to meet the authentication requirements and so coursework cannot be accepted for assessment from such candidates. Since they will forfeit the coursework marks, the maximum number of marks that such candidates can achieve is effectively capped at the total of the marks available for the remaining components for that subject. As there may be students in your school who may be studying – or are planning to study – some of these subjects outside of school without you being aware of it, we remind you of the need each year to alert all prospective candidates for future examinations to these implications.
Please contact Ms Hickey our State Examinations Coordinator about any queries relating to the State Exams.

Last Updated 25th November 2022

We are delighted to provide you with the details of our upcoming 6th year Parent Teacher Meeting, scheduled for next week, Thursday 1st December.

We are continuing to use a booking system for our parental meetings. From today, 25th November you are able to select which teachers you would like to speak with through our school website www.lucancc.ie under Programmes-> Leaving Certificate->Sixth Year Information. The Parent Teacher Meeting Scheduler is also directly available at the following location https://ptmorg.com/parentlogin.php?School=70080T

When you visit the Parent Teacher Meeting Scheduler you should:

  • Enter your unique Student ID (on letter sent home today with student)
  • Select the teachers you wish to speak with on Thursday 1st December in order of preference
  • Click ‘Save Preferences’ before leaving the page

The closing date for entering your preferences is the end of the day this coming Monday 28th November 2022 (3 days from now). Please note that appointments cannot be scheduled with teachers after this date. We will contact you again early next week advising you of your appointment times for the evening.

The meeting will take place in person in the college next Thursday, 1st December 4.00-6.30pm. Students are invited to attend with their parents for this final meeting between home and school. It is not a student/teacher meeting, as a result, students cannot attend the meeting on their own – a parent must be present. Please note that if you are nominating another relative to attend in your place, this must be discussed directly with Mr Carey before next Tuesday, 29th November, otherwise it will not be possible to share student data with a 3rd party.

Each meeting will last 5 minutes. You can access ’s 6th year November assessment report on VSware (using your parental login) or via the parental VSware app from Monday 28th November.


6th year Information Evening for parents and students, Wednesday 26th October 7.00 – 8.00pm (online on Microsoft Teams)

Please find the PowerPoint presentation here from last night’s meeting. If you have any questions please contact the school office on admin@lucancc.ie

6th Year Information Evening October 26th 2022

We are looking forward to speaking to both parents and students are our upcoming 6th year Information Evening next Wednesday 26th October at 7.00pm.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Student wellbeing & supports
  • Beyond 6th Year – planning for the future
  • Assessment & SEC Examinations
  • Q&A

Please attend with your son/daughter. We will sent the meeting link via text message next week.

Arrangements for LC students this week. 

Wednesday 21st: Higher Options: Students can wear casual clothes to the event but please remember you are still representing your school.

If you are not traveling to the Higher options event you can study from home. However, if you need a place to study in the school it is vital that you direct message Mr.Carey on teams so, we can arrange a study room for you.

Friday 23rd: Students are away on a science trip. Details have been provided by your teachers.

If you are not traveling on the science trip you can study from home. However, if you need a place to study in the school it is vital that you direct message Mr.Carey on teams so, we can arrange a study room for you.

Enjoy. Absorb as much as you can and remember to thank Ms. O’Gara, Ms. Mc Manus and your Science Teachers for organising these trips for your benefit.

This is the school mobile number 0872202134 in case you need to contact teacher leaders on Wednesday during Higher Options.


Update:8th September 2022

Dear 6th year students and parents,

Welcome back to the new school year and hoping that all our students are now well settled an into a good routine. Mr Carey and the tutor team have been busy reminding our students about the changes in rules and procedures and encouraging them to get into good homework and study habits from the start.

Please find below a link to the updated arrangements for assessment in 2023 which will give additional choice to students on their exam papers to take account of the effect of the pandemic on students’ learning.

Assessment Arrangements for Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate Examinations 2023: https://assets.gov.ie/233702/49cf8bce-a385-4f5b-966f-36ba960d3680.pdf

Senior Cycle details are on page 3 and pages 5-79 of this document.