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Second Year Information

Updated 17th May 2023

2nd Year Summer Assessments

The Second Year Summer Assessments will take place from the 25th – 30th May. The timetable is available here: 2nd YEAR SUMMER EXAM TIMETABLE

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you are aware 2nd and 5th year students will be doing formal Summer Exams from Thursday 25th –Tuesday 30th May (both days inclusive).

  • 2nd and 5th year exams Take place in GYM, HALL mainly. Some exams will take place in other rooms. Students have been given a copy of the exam timetable. Any changes to the timetable will be communicated to students by relevant subject teacher. The most accurate version of the timetable will also be on the school website.
  • Assessments for some subjects will be given in class time. Teachers will communicate this to students where it applies.
  • Students should be familiar with the timetable and know what exams they have each day and what centres they are in.
  • Students are not required to be in school if they do not have a timetabled exam. HOWEVER, if a student has an exam on both sides of morning break then the student must remain in the building during morning break and go to his/her classroom for registration on that day.
  • 5th year exams are timetabled for 90 mins and 2nd year exams are timetabled for 58 mins. This time includes time for both the distribution and collection of examination papers. Some 2nd year students will have exams back-to-back and may also have to move centre. Students must move between centres in SILENCE as others will be doing exams.
  • Full uniform and all school rules and procedures apply at all times during the examinations.
  • The use of mobile phones or other smart devices are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in any exam centre.
  • Students must have their own pens, pencils, geometry sets, calculators with them. Borrowing of such equipment is not allowed. Students will be provided with all writing paper required. Students will be provided with Maths Tables where these are required for the exam.
  • Students should use the bathroom before coming in to the exam centre. It is very disruptive to other students when students leave the centre during an exam.
  • In a small number of cases, the 2nd year exam will be ending in a centre where a 5th year exam is continuing. This has been kept to a minimum. 2nd year students must leave the exam centre in SILENCE in these instances.
  • Normal rules regarding attendance apply during exam times – if a student is absent when he/she is due to have an exam then a parent must inform the school of this. Students are expected to attend for all exams. There is not a facility to rearrange exams if a student is absent for an exam

We are delighted to announce the winners of our Reading Week Poster Competition for 2023. The standard of talent and creativity was outstanding. Well done to everyone who entered a poster. The overall winners are Ellen Birnie (Junior) and Naoise Murphy (Senior). Congratulations!

Our Second Years are thoroughly enjoying their trip to Barcelona! Thanks to Ms McKelvey and the team of teachers who have travelled with over 140 second year students to give them this fantastic opportunity. @ddletb @LccAssoc

Ryan Lally from Grá Pizza ran a great workshop today on pizza making as part of a wellbeing promotion, and also talked about setting up your own business and all about buying good Irish ingredients. Staff and students were delighted with the pizzas! #wellbeing #buyIrish @ddletb

Thank you to our Parents' Association for the fabulous Easter treats which were kindly received by the teachers of Lucan Community College. We are grateful to have a fantastic Parents' Association who do phenomenal work behind the scenes for our school community. @LccAssoc

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