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Procedures for use of school facilities

As a Community College Lucan CC is happy for its facilities to be made available for the use of the community. The college’s Adult Education Programme uses most of the specialist rooms on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

The main criteria for granting use of school buildings and grounds to external groups are:

  • Intention to use the facilities for educational purposes and in line with the ethos of the college;
  • Prior approval of the BOM with the BOM being satisfied as to the activities of the group in question. A request to use the school must be addressed in writing in good time to the Secretary of the Board of Management at the school address. The Board will usually consider the request at their next meeting (usually held monthly or every second month);
  • Production by the group, in advance of use, of evidence of Public Liability insurance with a specific indemnity to the College as a school under the auspices of Dublin and Dún Laoghaire Education and Training Board committee of €6,500,000;
  • Payment of Rent (to cover caretaker’s cost and cost of services);
  • Availability of an official of the committee (normally caretaker) to be present when the premises are in use.


  1. All parties interested in using the school facilities should apply, in writing, to the Secretary of the Board of Management of the school three months before the events occur.
  2. An officer of the ETB (usually the caretaker) must be present at all times when the school facility is in use.
  3. All groups must provide adequate insurance cover to the school managers.
  4. The maintenance and cleaning of the facilities used in the premises is the responsibility of the group using the facility. A payment can otherwise be made to the managers of the school to organise for the payment of maintenance and cleaning staff.
  5. Use of school facilities (including administration facilities such as photocopying, telephones, etc.) must be agreed with management prior to the event.
  6. Suitable supervision of groups/students by responsible adults is essential. With this in mind all users of the school facility must familiarise themselves with the Children First Child Protection Guidelines.
  7. A strict ‘No Chewing Gum’ policy is in place in Lucan Community College and this must be adhered to at all times.
  8. Appropriate rules must be applied to all users of the facility so as not to bring the name of the school into disrepute.
  9. Any school staff requested to be on the premises outside of their normal working hours, must be given adequate notice and reimbursed appropriately.
  10. A donation to the school for the use of the facilities should be agreed with the managers.
  11. The Board of Management and/or Chairperson/Secretary reserve the right to refuse the use of the school facilities to applicants.