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Physical education participation policy

pe1Physical Education makes a valuable and holistic contribution to the preparation of the student for a life of autonomous well-being. In Lucan Community College we pursue this aim through the:

  • Enhancement of the student’s self-concept through the development of skilful and creative performance of practical activities
  • Development of the student’s understanding of physical activity and awareness of the links between physical education and other curricular areas
  • Motivation of the student to choose a lifestyle that is active, healthy and meaningful
  • The personal enrichment of the student through developing personal and social skills and encouraging positive attitudes and values in interaction with others.

pe2All Junior Cycle students of Lucan Community College are timetabled for physical education. The PE Department also offer physical education at senior cycle level.

It is of vital importance that all students participate to the best of their ability in all PE classes.

  • All students must participate in PE class to the best of their ability.
  • All students must wear full PE uniform (school tracksuit, plain white t-shirt/polo, plain white runners)
  • If a student has an illness (common cold, sore throat, etc.) which reduces their ability to participate, they must still get changed and participate to the best of their ability. If they are too ill to do this then they should not be in school.
  •  If a student has an injury, they must bring in their PE uniform and a note from their parent/ guardian, stating the nature of the injury.
  • The student can participate in whatever elements of the class that are suitable, particularly the low impact parts of the warm-up and the elements of the class which focus on flexibility. This can prove beneficial to the student, as the PE teacher can take the opportunity to advise the student on exercises which will help in the rehabilitation of the injury or on stretches suitable for preventing the injury re-occurring in the future.
  • The PE teacher will modify the lesson so that, if possible, a suitable role will be given to the injured student. This may involve assisting the teacher in the delivery of the lesson, peer coaching or officiating.
  • If the student’s injury will prevent doing a certain aspect of the class, they should inform the teacher and they may be allowed take part in a similar activity that will not affect their injury. They will re-join in full activities afterwards.
  • If a student has a medium to long term injury which makes it unsafe for them to participate in the PE class (such as a broken limb or severe muscle injury) a medical note must be provided to the PE department. Where a student is deemed unfit to participate in an active PE class the student will then engage in a more theoretical based lesson under the general supervision of the physical education teacher.
  • If a student fails to present themselves in full PE uniform (school tracksuit, plain white t-shirt/polo shirt, and plain white runners) the teacher will give the student a sanction of extra work or detention.
  • If a student presents themselves with no PE uniform they will then engage in a more theoretical based lesson under the general supervision of the physical education. A sanction of extra work or detention may be given.

Physical Education Policy for Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN):

  • All teachers are consulted with and supplied with a SEN register at the start of every academic year. All PE teachers consult with this document in order to become aware of students who might need extra attention during PE classes.
  • The general school policy in Lucan Community College is to be as inclusive as possible in the teaching of all students, including those with SEN. This policy is actively adhered to by the PE department.
  • Students with co-ordination and physical difficulties, such as dyspraxia, will be assessed for co-ordination skills in line with the PE schedule, and if results deem necessary, will be given advice on how to improve in this area.
  • A differentiated PE program may be devised for some students while completing some activities.
  • In cases when full integration is more suitable, this strategy will be pursued as it more beneficial in a whole school inclusive context.
  • Communication links will be maintained with the SEN department in identifying and monitoring progress.

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