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Disciplinary procedures, rewards, supports and sanctions

  • whiteplaceholderAs previously stated it is the policy of the College to foster a sense of self-discipline amongst its students appropriate to their age and level. We seek to achieve this by means of clear sensible rules, and by a strong personal support structure of tutors and year heads from which students receive guidance and support in assuming their responsibilities. Rewards both formal and informal are used to support and encourage students to behave in a positive way.
  • Where it is necessary to supplement these supports, the College further facilitates positive behaviour by means of the specialist interventions open to students from its Guidance and Special Needs services.
  • The College also employs where appropriate a range of disciplinary procedures and sanctions in dealing with breaches of the rules or other inappropriate behaviour.
  • Breaches of discipline will normally be corrected by the subject teacher in the first place. Sanctions invoked may include additional written work, detention before or after school times, meeting with parents to discuss student’s behaviour, or referral to class tutor. It is the tutor who is the major point of contact between parents and the school under normal circumstances, and we are very proud of the excellent record the College has of resolving the vast majority of breaches of discipline by students due to the tradition of excellent support which our parents have shown for us. Fines may be levied for damage to or defacing school property, and for smoking or chewing gum within the school. Students may be required to spend time on activities within the school appropriate to the breach of discipline.
  • Referrals to Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal may occur in a graded manner in dealing with cases of serious indiscipline. Such a referral may result in an oral warning, a written warning, a student being placed On Report, or a contract regarding behaviour of a student being drawn up between student, parents/ carers and the school.
  • The College is empowered to suspend a student. This sanction is generally invoked where it is necessary for a Year Head, Deputy or Principal to deal with a student in relation to a serious disciplinary offence, or a series of repeated infringements of the behaviour code. In the most serious of cases the Board of Management is empowered to decide on suspension or permanent exclusion of a student.
  • In the case of a student being suspended, it is the right of the parent(s)/ carer(s) to appeal that decision to the next appropriate level of authority within the College. In the event of an appeal against a decision of the Principal, an appeal is made to the Board of Management. Further details are included in our suspension and expulsion policy. N.B Please note that the range of sanctions described above is not necessarily exhaustive. As part of its policy of reviewing practices on an ongoing basis Lucan Community College may introduce further sanctions as appropriate from time to time or discontinue those that are no longer appropriate. Students and parents are notified of such changes and the reasons therefore.
  • The complete suspension and expulsion policy is available on our school website.

The grid of possible misconducts and sanctions can be read here.

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Today students from @LucanCC1 and @KieransCollege joined me at Deerfield for the latest #OpenDoors event. We had a great discussion about U.S./Irish Relations and what it’s like to be the 🇺🇸 Ambassador to 🇮🇪!

Today our 5th and 6th Year History and Politics students visited @USAmbIreland in Phoenix Park. We would like to thank Ambassador Claire Cronin for the warm welcome and informative tour & discussion. A great morning was enjoyed by all! @ddletb @LccAssoc

Lucan Community College are through to the U16 football final after a resounding 3-18 to 0-12 points win against Scoil Chaitriona from Mobhi Road. Lucan CC will play Colaiste Eanna from Rathfarnham. Congrats to the squad and their management Mr Callaghan and Mr McGowan. @LccAssoc

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