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Last Updated 26th April 2023

Key Dates – End of 6th year arrangements

Dear Parent/Guardian of 6th years,

Your Son/Daughter(s) are busy completing coursework, preparing for their exams, organising the end of year graduation ceremony and planning for their future. With this in mind, we would like to share with you the arrangements for their remaining few weeks at LCC.

On Monday, Mr Brett and Ms Birnie visited all 6th year classes to pass on importance dates and important information about the standards expected from students during the remaining weeks of class and to remind them of the supports available in the school and to wish them well. Here is a summary of those dates:

  • Friday 5th May – Final Debs payment to the PA. @4.00pm in the Gym.
  • Thursday 18th May: Final day of class for 6th years
  • Friday 19th May: Students arrive in FULL uniform for their breakfast event (approx 9.30am-10.40am, including brief presentation by Ms. Hickey and Mr. Clancy relating to SEC procedures)
  • Tuesday 23rd May: 6.45pm Students arrive for 6th year graduation; Parents/guardians (max 2 per family) invited to attend from 7.15pm

Start 7.30pm end approx. 9.15pm; Tea/Coffee/biscuits in Dining Hall; Gathering in Lucan Sarsfields (students and staff)

Where possible a classroom will be made available for students to study during the remainder of school term. – students who wish to avail of this must give their names to Mr Carey.
  • 7th June to 27th June: Students attend for relevant examinations.
  • 15th September: Debs arranged by Parents association.
  • Final payment: Friday 5th May – in school gym at 4.00pm.
The following dates are confirmed for LC Applied exams:

Monday 8th Irish Oral

Wednesday 10th ICT

Thursday 11th English & Communications Oral

Tuesday 16th HCT Practical


Students were also reminded of the Key people for support: Mr Carey, tutor team, Ms. Higgins -LCA, guidance counsellors, Ms A Hickey (SEC coordinator), Mr Clancy (Examination Aide during June)

We are also asking for a contribution towards covering the cost of the graduation ceremony and grad book of €15.00 per student. Please pay through our school payment system: https://ams.enrol.ie/lucancc/index.aspx

The success of these last few weeks all hinge on mutual respect, good communication and on students understanding that the final days for 6th years can be made very special by the school, only if every student understands that what might be fun or special for one person might be uncomfortable or challenging for others. The school must keep running under the usual school rules through the school year.

We ask you to please reinforce this message to your Son/Daughter and that:

  • they continue to attend regularly and punctually right up to the end of their timetabled classes so that they can pick up all revision and study tips and suggestions from their teachers;
  • they continue to be in full school uniform, following all of the school rules so that time can be focused on the positive events to come and not on negative conversations.

Students have been fully informed of the range of sanctions that the school would have to impose if a student does not follow the rules or is inappropriate during these final weeks including suspension, expulsion, revoke permission to attend any of the final events, etc.

We want to ensure that all 6th years have a very positive final few weeks of term and that the events arranged by the school and the various sub-committees run smoothly and can focus on memories, friends and special events. We thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to seeing you at the graduation ceremony.

Mr Carey & 6th year tutor team

We are delighted to provide you with the details of our upcoming 6th year Parent Teacher Meeting, scheduled for next week, Thursday 1st December.

We are continuing to use a booking system for our parental meetings. From today, 25th November you are able to select which teachers you would like to speak with through our school website www.lucancc.ie under Programmes-> Leaving Certificate->Leaving Certificate Applied. The Parent Teacher Meeting Scheduler is also directly available at the following location https://ptmorg.com/parentlogin.php?School=70080T
When you visit the Parent Teacher Meeting Scheduler you should:
• Enter your unique Student ID
• Select the teachers you wish to speak with on Thursday 1st December in order of preference
• Click ‘Save Preferences’ before leaving the page
The closing date for entering your preferences is the end of the day this coming Monday 28th November 2022 (3 days from now). Please note that appointments cannot be scheduled with teachers after this date. We will contact you again early next week advising you of your appointment times for the evening.
The meeting will take place in person in the college next Thursday, 1st December 4.00-6.30pm. Students are invited to attend with their parents for this final meeting between home and school. It is not a student/teacher meeting, as a result, students cannot attend the meeting on their own – a parent must be present. Please note that if you are nominating another relative to attend in your place, this must be discussed directly with Mr Carey before next Tuesday, 29th November, otherwise it will not be possible to share student data with a 3rd party.
Each meeting will last 5 minutes. You can access ’s 6th year November assessment report on VSware (using your parental login) or via the parental VSware app from Monday 28th November.



Dear 6th year LCA students and parents,

Welcome back to the new school year and hoping that all our students are now well settled an into a good routine. Mr Carey and the tutor team have been busy reminding our students about the changes in rules and procedures and encouraging them to get into good homework and study habits from the start.

Please find below a link to the updated arrangements for assessment in 2023 which will give additional choice to students on their exam papers to take account of the effect of the pandemic on students’ learning.

Assessment Arrangements for Leaving Certificate Applied Examinations 2023: https://assets.gov.ie/233599/f9e6d9d0-5b70-49bc-912a-14c2fd299093.pdf

We are delighted to announce the winners of our Reading Week Poster Competition for 2023. The standard of talent and creativity was outstanding. Well done to everyone who entered a poster. The overall winners are Ellen Birnie (Junior) and Naoise Murphy (Senior). Congratulations!

Our Second Years are thoroughly enjoying their trip to Barcelona! Thanks to Ms McKelvey and the team of teachers who have travelled with over 140 second year students to give them this fantastic opportunity. @ddletb @LccAssoc

Ryan Lally from Grá Pizza ran a great workshop today on pizza making as part of a wellbeing promotion, and also talked about setting up your own business and all about buying good Irish ingredients. Staff and students were delighted with the pizzas! #wellbeing #buyIrish @ddletb

Thank you to our Parents' Association for the fabulous Easter treats which were kindly received by the teachers of Lucan Community College. We are grateful to have a fantastic Parents' Association who do phenomenal work behind the scenes for our school community. @LccAssoc

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