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First Year Information

Updated 07 December 2021

The Forbairt Project

The Forbairt project aims to gain insight into parent/guardian attitudes to Maths, and to empower each parent/guardian to leverage their son/daughter’s confidence with 1st Year Maths.
The project team, 1st Year Maths, SPHE & Digital Wellbeing Teachers, along with Class Tutors, are also working with the 1st Year students to gain insight into their attitudes to Maths, and to empower each of them to leverage their own confidence with Maths.
We have created resources to help you and your son/daughter with this endeavour. There is a helpful video to show you how to get the maximum benefit from the checklist of class content, online videos, and quizzes.
We would additionally like you to complete two surveys over the course of the next couple of months. The link to the 1st survey available via SMS Tuesday 7th December 2021. All data will be anonymised and used for the sole purpose of the project, as outlined above. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Click here for the 1st Year Maths Learning Tracker

 Click here for Video guide to using the learning tracker


Updated 01 December 2021

1st year Parent Teacher Meeting

Please see details of our upcoming 1st year Parent Teacher Meeting, scheduled for Monday 13th December 16.15 – 18.45. We are really looking forward to discussing your son/daughter’s progress with you. Due to Covid-19 restrictions in schools we are unable to hold face to face Parent Teacher Meetings in the school building but can facilitate the Parent Teacher Meeting online through a Microsoft Teams call.

The Parent Teacher Meeting Scheduler is also directly available at the following location: Parent Teacher Meeting Scheduler

When you visit the Parent Teacher Meeting Scheduler you should:

· Enter your unique Student ID

· Select the teachers you wish to speak with on Monday 13th December 2021 in order of preference

· Click ‘Save Preferences’ before leaving the page

The closing date for entering your preferences is end of day on Monday 6th December 2021. Please note that appointments cannot be scheduled to see any teachers after this date.

We will send home on Thursday 9th December 2021, via your son/daughter, a document advising you of your appointment times for the online meeting.

The meeting will take place on Microsoft Teams – please ensure you have Microsoft Teams downloaded on the device you will be using to attend the meeting. You must access the meeting with your son/daughter’s Microsoft account: their email address and their password. We advise you to practice logging onto Microsoft Teams with this email and password prior to the 1st year Parent Teacher Meeting. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact the school on admin@lucancc.ie.

Each meeting will last 5 minutes. We ask that only the parent/guardian attends the Parent Teacher Meeting unless attendance by the student is requested by the subject teacher.

Video for World Health Organisation Event

Some of our 1st and 2nd year students have been asked to be part of a background video for a World Health Organization video to raise awareness of cancer prevention strategies as the Sea of Change choir performs for the closing of an international WHO event taking place shortly. Filming will take place outdoors on Friday morning with students following appropriate Covid-19 protocols and some students holding various cancer prevention slogans. Your child’s image will be broadcast on all social media platforms worldwide as part of this video. The school will be identified but no child’s name will be used. It is a lovely opportunity for the school to be part of an important international health initiative and we are honoured to be asked. Please write a note in your student’s journal to let a teacher know if you would prefer them NOT to take part.

Video of 1st Year Parent/Guardian Information Session

For those who missed our 1st year information evening please find the link to the video recording of the event here:
For ease of reference we have created some time-stamps for you in case you only missed part of the meeting:

  • Guidance Counsellor: Ms Eileen O’Gara 4.24
  • Chairperson of the Parents Association :Simone Furtig 11.30
  • Students from Gluais Team: Keela Sisk & Jemima Kaisis 18:09
  • Deputy Principal and Year head: Ms Elaine Brady 20:00
  • Forbairt Teacher Leader, tutor and Maths teacher: Ms. Kate Mc Cormack 45:32
  • Principal: Ms. Diane Birnie 49:05

1st Year Parent/Guardian Information Session Tuesday 19th October 2021 @7pm.

The link to join the meeting is available by SMS/text message. Please use the  How to join LucanCC Teams Live Event” Help Guide for assistance. If you are unable to join us for the Live Event, please do not worry. The powerpoint presentation is now available HERE and if you have any questions, please contact the school. We hope to upload the video of the evening shortly.

    We hope you found the information evening informative. Documents referred to during the evening will be listed below for your information:

  • Literacy and numeracy initiative for parents/guardians.
  • The extra-curricular programme is available on our extracurricular page here.

1st Year Students Team Building Activity Tuesday 19th October 2021

Dear 1st Year Parents & Guardians,

We are delighted to offer our 1st Year students an opportunity to get to know each other better and enjoy learning in the fresh air. They have been a joy to have in school for the past six weeks. The students bring energy & vitality to the college. Each one of them is a credit to you.

We will welcome “Team-works” to our school next Tuesday morning, 19th October 2021 from 8.45am, to work with class groups for a 2 hour fun packed session, where students will engage in a range of activities. Students can wear their PE Uniform for the day.

Group 1: Class Achill, Clare & Dalkey from 8.50am – 10.50am and Group 2: Class Rathlin, Toraigh & Valentia from 10.50am – 12.50pm. Students will have classes as normal outside of these 2 hour sessions.

Team-works focuses on the development of communication, trust and collaboration within a group. The activities are designed to:

  • ·       Improve Trust
  • ·       Energise the Group
  • ·       Encourage Collaboration and Communication
  • ·       Increase Productivity and Creative Thinking
  • ·       Introduce Positive Thinking
  • ·       Highlight the Importance of Engagement and Goal Setting.


Constant laughter and competitiveness are guaranteed! The price of the session for your son/daughter will be covered from your School Voluntary Contribution – many thanks to those of you who have already paid in full. If you have not yet had an opportunity to complete payment, please log onto the LucanCC Payment System to ensure your son/daughter can avail of this wonderful opportunity.




RE: New 1st year students 2021/2022 Entrance Exams      

Dear 1st Year Parent/Guardian,

We hope your son/daughter is settling into school life in Lucan CC.

The First Year Entrance tests will take place in school this Wednesday 22nd from 8.50am-11.02am.
Students do not need to bring in their books for the first two classes. Please ensure students have their books for all classes from 11.10am. All they will need for the assessments is a HB pencil which will be provided by the school.

As students will miss the usual small break time, they will be given a small break once the assessments are over and before returning to class.

Please reassure your son or daughter that these assessments are only a guide for the school so that we can support your son or daughter in their education in Lucan CC. The only advice you need to give your son/daughter is to come in with a positive attitude and to make their best effort at all of the questions.

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the school by emailing admin@lucancc.ie or phoning 01 6282077.


Welcome to 1st Year Students 2021

The posted and online pack contains important information regarding planning for the coming school year. Further information is available on our website. We ask that you inform us immediately by emailing admin@lucancc.ie if there are any changes to your contact details or if you have queries about next year.

You will have received the following documents by post:

  • Letter stating class-name and options assigned (3 option subjects and 1 modern language in most cases). Where you have a query about class placement or subject options please address your query in writing to 1st Year link Deputy Principal Ms Malone and post/email it into the front office (admin@lucancc.ie). We cannot guarantee that a request to change class or option subjects can be facilitated;
  • School Calendar  Please retain this safely at home for school closure dates and early finishing times and check the online google calendar on our website for updates;
  • The new school day structure is shown on a blank timetable as we have made some changes this year. The move to one hour classes will mean fewer classes each day (6 instead of 9), improved student engagement, less time spent moving around the school and fewer books to be carried. Please note the slight changes to start, break and end times;
  • Booklist – included in post and also see below

Available on our website under Programmes – Junior Cycle – 1st Year Information:

  • Booklist for the coming school year – The Book Haven company will operate online this year or through their shop in Blanchardstown. Book grant application forms are available on our website lucancc.ie for eligible applicants and can only be redeemed through The Book Haven (www.bookhaven.ie);
  • Uniform Information – please note choice of kilt or trousers for girls. Students in all years do PE and require a school PE uniform. Students should wear their PE uniform for the day when PE is on the timetable. Our uniform supplier is Schoolwear House and contact details and sizing advice are available on our website lucancc.ie;
  • Financial Information – details of our online payment system can be found on our website and we ask that you check our online payment system to ensure that all outstanding balances are paid.
    • The locker fee (€50 to cover the three years of Junior Cycle) can be paid online. A locker is available for all 1st years upon payment of this fee.
    • The €50 admin charge covers the cost of the school journal which will be available from the school on return. It also covers the cost of student 24-hour insurance and operating costs of the school SMS text messaging system.
    • A voluntary contribution of €100 helps to cover the costs of our active extra-curricular programme, end of year awards and ongoing costs such as photocopying and postage. Sibling discounts can be requested through the front office.
  • Entrance assessments: As we were not able to run our usual entrance assessments with incoming students, we plan to run them at a later stage when students have settled in to school.
  • Journal: Please ensure that every student and parent/guardian signs the school journal (Page 2) when they are distributed to confirm that you have read and understood the school policies and to confirm your commitment to following the school code of behaviour, uniform policy and other policies. Please ensure your son/daughter understands all our policies especially personal presentation, mobile phones, acceptable user (ICT) and attendance/punctuality. We also encourage first years to join extra-curricular activities to help them to settle in and make new friends.
  • Technology: We are a Windows based school and although it is not essential, it would be of benefit if students had access to a windows based device for homework.  All students in Lucan CC can use their school email account to access Microsoft 365. This includes Word, OneNote and Teams. So it is not necessary to buy the Office 365 package. If you are considering buying a device a basic entry level computer will suffice. Please ensure the device has a microphone and a camera for video conferencing if needed. Students should have access to a set of headphones that work with a smartphone. All electronic devices can be used under teacher supervision during class time only.
  • Induction Day: Students should arrive in full uniform on the date and time specified on the calendar and require only a copy, a pencil case and a small snack on their induction days. A locker will be allocated to students who have paid the rental fee and books can be brought in gradually over the first week.
  • Letters of advice: to graduating 6th Class students from previous 1st years at LCC

As a result of the pandemic, the wearing of face masks is compulsory at second level. We advise students to arrive to school wearing a mask and to have a spare in their school bag in case it is needed. While hand sanitiser and wipes are readily available throughout the school building, some students found it helpful to carry a small personal hygiene pack containing hand sanitiser, wipes, tissues and a spare face-mask.

Please keep an eye on our website www.lucancc.ie and Twitter account @lucancc1 for updates at the start of the year and use your VSware access throughout your child’s time in our school. A reminder on how to access VSware as a parent/guardian can be found here. Our parents’ association social media accounts and contact details are also available on our website.Our 1st year classes are named after islands – Achill, Clare, Dalkey, Rathlin, Toraigh and Valentia and will be supported by their tutors and Year Head Ms Brady as well as the wider staff. To paraphrase the poet John Donne “No one is an island entire of itself; every one is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”. Your son/daughter now joins the community of Lucan Community College with our strong ethos of Aontas/Unity and I have no doubt that they will settle in well during their 1st year with us and build on the strong social and educational foundations that they have constructed in primary school.

Take care and have a safe and relaxing summer before the excitement of your time in Lucan Community College begins. We look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes,

Diane Birnie (Principal)


Last news post for our outgoing 1st years of 2020/21

Please see the latest news for our current first year students below.

Friday 21st May 2021:

Hello Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

We are now approaching the end of first year. What a fantastic group of students who have displayed resilience and character during a year which has not been like any other.

Thanks parents for all your continued support as your son/daughter continue their journey with us in LucanCC. Year one is almost over and another exciting five years to go. It has been a joy and a pleasure working/teaching and getting to know each of our students. There have been a few obstacles along the way but hasn’t every road a few twists and turns. It is important when an issue arises, to deal with it in a positive manner. I think we have done that throughout the year. Thanks Students, Parents and staff for working in partnership together. Communication is the key.

Our final week of term is approaching and we have informed our first years about a number of activiites happening for them during this week. It is important to also let you know what is happening. Classes are as normal all week except for the following activities scheduled.
‘Team Works’ are doing an activity day with our first years on Tuesday 25th May. Here are the times for each of our class groups.
Classes Rowan & Willow are on at 8.55 until 11.15
Classes Oak & Elm are on from 11.15 until 1.15pm
Classes Cedar & Sycamore are from 2pm to 4pm.

Students will wear the school tracksuit plus their school coat. Please make sure they have a spare pair of socks and if they wish to bring a little towel with them that is ok. The must have their euipement/books/copies for other classes that day.

A ‘Resilience class’ will be given to the first years Friday 21st May or Tuesday 25th May. A little workshop of how to be resilient during these Covid times and to stay positive. The following are the time slots for each class.
Friday 21st May period 1 – Class Willow. 8.55
Friday 21st May period 2 – Class Rowan. -9.35
Tuesday 25th May period 2 – Class Sycamore- 9.35
Tuesday 25th May period 3 Class Oak – 10.35
Tuesday 25th May period 4 Class Cedar -11.15
Tuesday 25th May period 7 Class Elm -2pm
On Thursday afternoon, from 3pm to 4pm, our Mini awards will take place. This is a prize-giving ceremony for First Years at this time.
Our Gluais team have organised a quiz with each of the class groups and are doing this at the following times.
Class Cedar – Tuesday 10.35am – room C3
Class Oak – Thursday 2.00pm – room C2
Class Willow – Wednesday – 9.35am room C5
Class Rowan -Tuesday – 12.35pm room C5
Class Sycamore -Tuesday – 10.35am room H6
Class Elm -Thursday -12.35pm room C1

On Friday 28th (last day of term) students have classes as per the timetable, up to 11.55am. Students will then go to meet their class tutor from 11.55am. The end of year ceremony will be take place at approx. 12.30pm on Teams Live. Students will finish the day at 1.15pm to begin their summer holidays.

Please have a chat with your son/daughter and make sure they are prepared for all these events. Other classes run as normal so continue to have correct equipment for each class. School reports will be posted at the beginning of Summer.

Thanks a million.
Colette Clarke and First Year Team