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Fifth Year Information

Right Careers 4 Me – Careers Advice  – updated 11th February 2022

Please return the consent form given to 5th years by Ms O’Gara during the week ending 11th February 2022, if you wish your son/daughter to take part in this assessment.

Please see the two presentations below on the RightCareers4Me advice on student careers.

Presentation for 5th year Parents on RightCareers4Me

Presentation to 5th year students on RightCareers4Me

Please watch the YouTube video below for more details about Right Careers 4 Me

YouTube video Right Careers 4 Me

Full details on the Right Careers 4 Me is available on the sample report below:

RC4me Senior Platinum Report Sample

Payment for this assessment will be set up on our online payment system once students have returned the consent form. Letter to parents and consent form available here: Letter to Parents for RC4Me

Maths Department News – updated Monday 7th February 2022

There will be an assessment in all 5th year higher level maths classes on Monday 7th March. The assessment will be testing chapters 1,2, and 11 (Algebra 1&2, Circle). Based on the results of this assessment, previous test results, and performance in class your son/daughters maths teacher will be recommending changes of level if needed.

Parent Teacher Meeting for 5thyear Leaving Certificate students Last Update 1st November 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please use the link below to select which parents you would like to see at the upcoming 5th year Parent Teacher Meeting on the 11th November (4.15 – 6.45)

Lucan CC Parent Teacher Meeting Scheduler

When you visit the Parent Teacher Meeting Scheduler you should:

• Enter your unique Student ID sent home with your son/daughter
• Select the teachers you wish to speak with on Thursday 11th November in order of preference
• Click ‘Save Preferences’ before leaving the page

The closing date for entering your preferences is end of day on Thursday 4th November 2021. Please note that appointments cannot be scheduled to see any teachers after this date.
We will contact you again early next week advising you of your appointment times for the evening.

The meeting will take place on Microsoft Teams – please ensure you have Microsoft Teams downloaded on the device you will be using to attend the meeting. You must access the meeting with your son/daughter’s Microsoft account and password. We advise you to practice logging onto Microsoft Teams with this email and password prior to the 5th year Parent Teacher Meeting. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact the school on admin@lucancc.ie.

Each meeting will last 5 minutes. We ask that only the parent/guardian attends the Parent Teacher Meeting unless attendance by the student is requested by the subject teacher. You can access the 5th year midterm report on VSware (using your parental login) or via the VSware app from Friday 5th November.


Archive news:

We hope that the start of the school holidays has provided a well-earned break for your son/daughter and that you and your families can use some of the summer to recharge the batteries after some busy and challenging times.

This online pack contains important information regarding planning for the coming school year. We ask that you inform us immediately by emailing admin@lucancc.ie if there are any changes to your contact details or if you have queries about next year.

I am delighted to include the following documents as part of this online pack:

  • Summer Report for those who have completed 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th year can now be accessed through the VSware Parent app; The 3rd year summer report will be available for access through VSware next week. A school based Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement for 3rd years will be issued next year and this official document will be used instead of the State Examination results and should be retained. A text message will be sent to year groups once the reports are open for access. A reminder on how to access VSware as a parent/guardian can be found here.
  • Booklist for the coming school year. The Book Haven company will operate online this year or through their shop in Blanchardstown. Book grant application forms are available on our website lucancc.ie for eligible applicants and can only be redeemed through The Book Haven (www.bookhaven.ie);
  • Options have already been assigned and communicated to 5th year students. Transition Year Option subjects will be given to students on their return to school. You will see from the TY booklist that no books are needed for option subjects;
  • School Calendar: Please print and retain this safely at home for school closure dates and early finishing times and check the online google calendar on our website for updates;
  • The new school day structure is shown on a blank timetable as we have made some changes this year. The move to one hour classes will mean fewer classes each day (6 instead of 9), improved student engagement, less time spent moving around the school and fewer books to be carried. Please note the slight changes to start, break and end times.
  • Uniform Information – please note choice of kilt or trousers for girls. Students in all years do PE and require a school PE uniform. Students should wear their PE uniform for the day when PE is on the timetable. LC Examination PE students will be advised when they need to wear their PE uniform. Our uniform supplier is Schoolwear House and contact details and sizing advice are available on our website lucancc.ie;
  • Financial Information – details of our online payment system can be found on our website and we ask that you check our online payment system to ensure that all outstanding balances are paid.
    • For 5th year LC students, the locker fee (€30 to cover the two years of Leaving Certificate) can be paid online here. A locker is available for all 5th years upon payment of this fee.
    • The €50 admin charge covers the cost of the school journal which will be available from the school on return. It also covers the cost of student 24-hour insurance and operating costs of the school SMS text messaging system.
    • A voluntary contribution of €100 helps to cover the costs of our active extra-curricular programme, end of year awards and ongoing costs such as photocopying and postage. Sibling discounts can be requested through the front office.
  • Technology: We are a Windows based school and although it is not essential, it would be of benefit if students had access to a windows based device for homework.  All students in Lucan CC can use their school email account to access Microsoft 365. This includes Word, OneNote and Teams. So it is not necessary to buy the Office 365 package. If you are considering buying a device a basic entry level computer will suffice. Please ensure the device has a microphone and a camera for video conferencing if needed. LC students taking DCG need a higher specification (see www.t4.ie). Students should have access to a set of headphones that work with a smartphone. All electronic devices can be used under teacher supervision during class time only.
  • Induction Days: Students should arrive in full uniform on the date and time specified on the calendar and require only a copy, a pencil case and a small snack on their induction days. A locker will be allocated to students who have paid the rental fee (lockers are not needed for TY and LCA students) and books can be brought in gradually over the first week.

Please ensure that every student and parent/guardian signs the school journal (Page 2) when they are distributed to confirm that you have read and understood the school policies and to confirm your commitment to following the school code of behaviour, uniform policy and other policies. Please ensure your son/daughter understands all our policies especially personal presentation, mobile phones, acceptable user (ICT) and attendance/punctuality. We also encourage students to join extra-curricular activities when they restart.

Please keep an eye on our website www.lucancc.ie and Twitter account @lucancc1 for updates at the start of the year and use your VSware access throughout your child’s time in our school. Our parents’ association social media accounts and contact details are also available on our website.

Take care and have a safe and relaxing summer before the excitement of a new school year begins again.

Best wishes,

Diane Birnie  (Principal)