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Events coming up at LCC


TY students create musical magic with the ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

Congratulations to our amazing Transition Year musical class on their recent 3 night run of the Little Shop of Horrors.

The cast blew the audience away each night of this dramatic spectacle, singing and dancing to rapturous applause each night.

Their 3 night run culminated in a sell out show on the final night with cast, crew and audience revelling in the afterglow of awe, kudos and celebration.

A huge thank you to our wonderful Transition Year musical teachers, Ms Conway and Ms Geraghty for their dedicated work over the year to bring the show (and plants) to life.

Also a massive thank you to Mr Coogan for his work in creating the stage with his TY construction class and also to Ms Freeman  for her work with her TY Enterprise class in running the tickets and tuck shops and a lot more behind the scenes.

Finally, thank you to our wonderful teachers who helped out in so many ways to make the show possible and our dedicated Parents Association who ran the Tuck Shop each night and sponsored the raffle prices.


Parents Association Easter Raffle 2022

Lucan CC Parent Association are running an online raffle to raise money for the school.

You can take get more information and buy tickets for this raffle HERE

Easter Raffle 2022 Terms and Conditions


Parenting Teens Workshop for Parents March 24th

All 5th year parents/guardians are cordially invited to join an online presentation on the March 24th. Called: Parenting teens: A road map for well-being. The presentation will be given by Psychologist Evan Costigan (link will be text to parents on Wednesday 23rd and displayed on our website).

School: Lucan Community College.

Programme: Parenting Teens: A Road-Map for Well-Being.

Audience: 5th year parents and guardians.

Date: Thursday 24th March 2022.

Delivery: Online via Zoom.

Timing: 7pm – 8:15pm.


1. Communication: talking to teenagers.

2. Building emotional resilience in teens.

3. Establishing a healthy routine for school.

4. A game plan for exam well-being.

5. Q & A.

“Anti-Bullying & Online Safety” Free Webinar

DCU Anti-Bullying Centre and TikTok invite you to attend a free parents webinar entitled “Anti-Bullying & Online Safety – A Parent’s Guide to TikTok” on Tuesday 15th February at 7.00 pm.Click HERE to register.

Lucan CC Christmas Event Goes Live!

What a great way to start the festivities! Sit back and enjoy our Christmas Event. Congratulations and thanks to ALL involved!

Link to LucanCC Christmas Event

Reminder:Anti-Bullying and Online Safety Webinar for parents

Dublin City University Anti-Bullying Centre FUSE team will be hosting a FREE parents webinar for all FUSE participating schools.
This will take place on Tuesday, December 14th from 7 pm to 8 pm. 
 You can register  by clicking here

Parent Feedback on School Ethos

Lucan Community College’s patron body, Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board (DDLETB), has selected our school to be part of a new Patrons’ Framework on Ethos.

As a result we would like to gather your views as parents on our school ethos. Your responses will help us review and evaluate our school ethos as well as the overall ETB ethos.

We would be very grateful if parents could complete the survey below (all responses are anonymous).

Parent Survey on our School Ethos

Updated HSE advice for the school community

Dear parents/guardians

Please do not send your child to school if they are displaying symptoms. Any school tests or assessments missed can be repeated at a later stage once a parent contacts the school to explain why they are absent. Students can keep up to date with any work missed by contacting a friend in the class and monitoring any work the teacher has uploaded on Teams.

The HSE has asked us to circulate the following information in the light of increasing cases of Covid-19 in Ireland. This document can also be downloaded here: HSE advice 22 Nov 2021.

We are asking you to please:

  1. Remind all parents and staff to keep an eye on their health and to check for symptoms of COVID-19. Symptoms of Covid-19 can include some or all of the following –  fever (temperature of 38C or higher), cough, shortness of breath, any loss or change to the senses of smell or taste, headache, sore throat, or a runny nose. If any pupil or member of staff develops these symptoms they must self-isolate and contact their GP for advice regarding a COVID-19 test.
  2. Even with high population uptake of COVID-19 vaccination, it is important that you continue to support the pupils and staff of your school community during the COVID-19 pandemic in the effective manner you have been. It is important to reinforce to your school community that all public health guidelines still need to be followed to protect the health of pupils and staff, these include:
  • Wearing face coverings
  • Cleaning hands regularly
  • Maintaining physical distance from others
  • Being mindful of the ventilation of classrooms by opening windows and doors as appropriate
  1. Encourage all those who are eligible for vaccination within your school community to access appropriate information around this (available at https://www2.hse.ie/screening-and-vaccinations/covid-19-vaccine/) For those wishing to arrange vaccination, they can do so at either:
  2. Register using the HSE Vaccine portal (https://vaccine.hse.ie/#register)
  3. OR phone the HSE at 1800 700 700

What is the advice for close contacts who are fully-vaccinated against COVID-19?

Close contacts who are fully vaccinated and have no symptoms are not required to restrict their movements. Close contacts will receive a text message with a link to a website where they provide their relevant details. When this has been done they will receive a text message with information about their antigen tests. Instructions of when and how to undertake the antigen tests are provided to those close contacts.  If a fully vaccinated close contact has symptoms then they will be advised to self-isolate and booked for PCR testing.

When is a person considered to be fully-vaccinated?

a.7 days after receipt of the second Pfizer-BioNTech dose (two dose vaccination course)

b.15 days after receipt of the second AstraZeneca dose (two dose vaccination course)

c.14 days after receipt of the second Moderna dose (two dose vaccination course)

d. 14 days after receipt of the first Johnson & Johnson vaccine (one dose vaccination course)

What is the advice for close contacts who are not fully-vaccinated against COVID-19?

  • Close contacts who are not fully-vaccinated will need to go for two PCR tests for COVID-19, one as soon as possible and one on Day 10 after their last exposure to the COVID-19 case.
  • They will need to restrict their movements (stay at home) until the Day 10 test has been done. This includes not attending work or school.
  • If the Day 10 test result is “not detected” or negative, the pupil or staff member can return to school provided they do not have symptoms of COVID-19.

What about the families of those who are close contacts?

Other people who live at home with the close contact do not need to restrict their movements, provided the close contact has no Covid symptoms. This means they can continue to attend school. If the close contact tests positive for COVID-19, the household will then need to restrict their movements.

What if a close contact declines the COVID-19 test?

Testing is not mandatory. But if a close contact does not have a Day 10 test done, this means they need to continue to restrict their movements for 14 days after their last contact with the person with COVID-19.

More information

Up to date information and advice on COVID-19 is available on hse.ie.

We thank you for your help and support as we continue to live with COVID-19.


Best wishes,

The HSE COVID-19 Health Protection Schools Response

(Part of HSE’s National COVID-19 Contact Management Programme)

Public Health Update 22 Sept 2021

Please find below an update from Public Health with useful advice for parents:

Public Health update 22 September 2021

Admission to 1st year 2022

Thank you for the many queries about the Admissions process to 1st year 2022. As determined by the Admissions Act, our Admissions Policy and Annual Admissions Notice will be published online near the end of September and our application form for 1st year 2022 will be made available online from 1st October. Parents/guardians will have a 3 week window to return the application form to the front office and receive a receipt of application. We usually hold an Open day every second year, but last year we could only hold a virtual open day due to the pandemic. This year we will arrange to provide online resources and videos to help potential students and parents/guardians discover more about our school and choice of subjects for 1st years.