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Important Update from the State Exams Commission

The SEC recently published important information (in Circular S69/04) in relation to the acceptance and authentication of Coursework for the State Examinations, this information can be accessed here

Coursework cannot be accepted for assessment from students who study a subject externally.
 Below is a summary of the circular: 

“Implications of regulations for students considering studying a subject outside of school It is vital to note that, as outlined in Circular S69/04, the arrangements for the acceptance and authentication of coursework for the state examinations have significant implications for candidates who may intend to study any of the relevant subjects outside of a normal school setting, either on their own or with private tuition. In these circumstances, it is not possible to meet the authentication requirements and so coursework cannot be accepted for assessment from such candidates. Since they will forfeit the coursework marks, the maximum number of marks that such candidates can achieve is effectively capped at the total of the marks available for the remaining components for that subject. As there may be students in your school who may be studying – or are planning to study – some of these subjects outside of school without you being aware of it, we remind you of the need each year to alert all prospective candidates for future examinations to these implications. In order to avoid situations in which candidates only become aware late in their studies that they cannot submit coursework for a subject to which they have already devoted considerable time, all prospective examination candidates should be made fully aware of these requirements and their implications at the start of the relevant programme of study – for instance, at the start of fifth year in the case of Leaving Certificate students.”

Leaving Certificate Oral dates

The 2023 Leaving Certificate Oral Exams 2023 will take place during the Easter holidays, over a six-day period from Saturday 1 April to Thursday 6 April. 
For the 2023 Leaving Certificate (Established), oral examinations will be held in Irish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Lithuanian and Portuguese.
The 2023 Leaving Certificate Music Practical Performance Tests will be held in school term in advance of the Easter holidays towards the end of March 2023 (details below)

Gaisce Awards 2022

Congratulations to 11 of our 6th year students successfully completed various physical and personal skills and undertook voluntary work in the community as part of their Gaisce award. They also completed a hike and other outdoor activities as part of their Adventure Journey.

Well done to the following students who received their Bronze and Silver awards from Ger Brady on Thursday 27th October:

  • Jemima Kaisi (Bronze)
  • Chris Brady (Bronze)
  • Méabh Egan
  • Ana Gayubo
  • Clodagh McDonnell
  • Keelah Sisk
  • Athena Velea
  • Andrew Kennedy
  • Sarah Mahon
  • Jessica Power
  • Rhian Hawkins

Maith sibh!


Updated Assessment Arrangements for State Exams 2023

Details for assessment arrangements for Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate exams 2023 have been released by the Department of Education and can be viewed here for Junior Cycle and here for Leaving Certificate and here for Leaving Certificate Applied.