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New notification based messaging through the VSware app

We are moving to notification based communication using our VSware platform. This will replace our text messaging system and will enable us to communicate more efficiently with you about your children.

To ensure you continue to receive all communications and important messages from the school, we are asking all parents to download the VSware parental app from the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store to your mobile phone.

More information about the VSware app and how to download it can be found here https://support.vsware.ie/en/parent-app-downloading-and-logging-in

The VSware parental app will allow you to receive all communications directly to your phone along with the ability to view attendance, student behaviour and term reports. This will make it much easier to access information about your child compared to using our school website as the access point for VSware. The content and detail of our messaging will also improve as we will not be restricted by the limited characters available via the SMS system.

We will trial some communications via the VSware parental app during this term before a full roll out of the notification based system in 2023. Therefore, we ask that you please download the VSware parental app and enable notifications to ensure you are receiving all messages from the school.

To ensure parents can access information for all their children from the VSware app, we have linked all students in a family to one username. We have sent this username to all parents by text. If you did not receive it, please contact the school office. If you have forgotten your VSware parental password, this can be reset by following the prompts under the sign in section.

Thank you for your cooperation as we aim to improve our communication with you.

Stephen Brett

Deputy Principal