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Free in-school Flu Vaccine for students this coming Friday 25th November

Lucan Community College have teamed up with Allcare Pharmacy this year to provide students with a FREE Flu nasal vaccine. Allcare Pharmacy are setting up a vaccination centre within the school. All of the experienced vaccinators are qualified pharmacists who have undertaken specialist training. Students are offered a nasal spray as it is quick, painless and is more effective than an injected vaccine. We have organised a Flu Clinic onsite in Lucan Community College on Friday 25th November.

For the past number of years, the HSE has offered free Flu Vaccinations for children. This is because children play a key role in the transmission of flu and may pose a threat to those who are at higher risk of complications from flu such as the elderly, those who are pregnant or other children with underlying conditions. Parents can often struggle to get vaccine appointments for their children without taking time off work or taking kids out of school.  This has proven to be a barrier to vaccine uptake.Vaccination in schools will increase the uptake rate and ensure a successful flu vaccine campaign, which will help to protect the vulnerable members of our community. Reducing flu outbreaks in the midst of the Covid pandemic is particularly important.

If you would like your child to avail of the flu nasal vaccine we will need you to complete a Flu Vaccination consent form for your child before 12pm Thursday November 24th. Please see link to fill in your child’s consent form here.

PLEASE NOTE: For parents with more than 1 child in the school, you will need to fill in one consent form for each child. We cannot vaccinate any child without the online consent being completed in advance. Vaccination will be scheduled over the school day to suit the operational needs of the school.

HSE Information Leaflets on Children’s vaccine: English | Irish | Arabic | French | Polish | Romanian | Russian | Ukrainian | Czech | Slovak

If you would like to explain the process to your child this video may be helpful. Click here