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GLUAIS students graduate with flying colours

Congratulations to our GLUAIS students from 5th year who graduated last week.

The GLUAIS team trained for 5 days last summer to help them work as leaders to our new 1st year student group during 2021/22.

Lucan Community College’s GLUAIS team for 2022/23 was Alisha Guy, Clodagh McDonnell, Eoin O’Sullivan, Jemima Kasisi, Jessica Power, Kate McCaffrey, Keelah Sisk, Meabh Egan, Natasha Roca, Rhian Hawkins and Sarah Mahon.

Gluais programme teaches young people leadership skills that they can use in their schools and use for the benefit of their entire school.

The GLUAIS team made a video as part of the graduation ceremony that we are delighted to share with you here.