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Important information to welcome our new 1st year students

Welcome all First Year students.

Greetings from Lucan Community College. My name is Ms. Clarke, I am your Year Head and I am here with your class teachers, tutors, SNA’s, front office staff, caretakers, deputy principals and principal, to support you as you begin your time in our college. It is with great pleasure that we send you this message as we are looking forward to your arrival and first school day with us here in Lucan Community College. We are busy getting ready for your first visit which will take place on Tuesday 1st September at 9am.

We are sure that you are getting ready for your adventure to your new secondary school and that you have your books, equipment for each subject, pencil case and school bag ready. On your first visit please just bring a copy and pen/pencil case. You will receive your school journal, so important items of information can be written into this. Please also bring a drink and a snack with you as you will be in the college until 12 noon. Remember to have your student hygiene kit consisting of a closable plastic bag/similar carrying device containing a small bottle of hand-gel sanitiser, reusable washable face-covering (plus a spare), a plastic bag to hold the face-covering when not in use (face-mask design must be appropriate for a school setting – use common sense please!) and a small face towel for drying.

We want to make your transition from Primary to Secondary education as smooth as possible. We will all work together in a positive manner to ensure your first year with us is memorable, exciting and an enjoyable place to develop sociably and academically.

On your arrival to school on Tuesday 1st September, please arrive on time for 9am but not too early as access before 8.55am is restricted due to Covid-19. Parents please note that you are not allowed to enter the front gates of the school (by foot or car) – this marks the departure point for students and parents. As you enter the school gate turn left and you will see the doors open. You will enter the school building by the tunnel (area C) which is located on the left-hand side of the school building (marked Tunnel Entrance on map below and shown in photograph here on the left). Your Deputy Principal, Mr Brett and I will be there to greet you and guide you to your rooms.

Class Cedar will go to room B1 with your tutor Mr Carey.

Class Elm will go to room B2 with their tutor Ms Bean.

Class Sycamore will go to room E2 with their tutor Ms Mc Geever.

Class Oak will proceed to room E4 with their tutors Ms Flynn and Ms Healy.

Class Rowan will proceed to room M1 with their tutor Ms Mc Manus and Ms Duggan.

Class Willow will go to the dining hall with their tutors Ms Quirke and Ms Barbour.

Here is a map of the school. Enter by the ‘Tunnel Entrance’. Each of your classrooms are colour coded on the map but do not worry because we will meet you at the door and direct you where to go.

You will all be made very welcome to your new place of learning. You have a wonderful group of caring tutors who are exciting about getting to know you. Each tutor will chat to you and answer any questions you may have as they inform you of the daily running of the school which includes going through our new covid-19 practices, your timetable, subjects, homework, wellbeing, organisation tips, journal, code of behaviour. You will each get a colourful informative booklet titled ‘A parent’s guide to the Junior Cycle’. You will also receive an induction booklet which we will fill in together.

This is an exciting time for you all and I know that many of you may be a little anxious but please be assured that we aim to make your time in Lucan CC special. Our prefect team are going to help you settle in. The prefect team will take each class group individually and give you a tour of the school to make sure you are familiar with our building. This will be timetabled to allow small groups to view the school. You will get the opportunity to get to know other students in your class and give you the opportunity to make new friends.

Please note that we will NOT be using lockers for the start of the school year. Please do not bring any books with you for your induction day. As students start classes from September 7th they should only bring in what they can comfortably manage to carry in their school bag. Teachers will advise students of what essential items are needed for class.

At the end of your first school day your tutor will guide you out of the building.

Looking forward to seeing you at 9am on Tuesday 1st September.



Ms Clarke and team.

We are delighted to announce the winners of our Reading Week Poster Competition for 2023. The standard of talent and creativity was outstanding. Well done to everyone who entered a poster. The overall winners are Ellen Birnie (Junior) and Naoise Murphy (Senior). Congratulations!

Our Second Years are thoroughly enjoying their trip to Barcelona! Thanks to Ms McKelvey and the team of teachers who have travelled with over 140 second year students to give them this fantastic opportunity. @ddletb @LccAssoc

Ryan Lally from Grá Pizza ran a great workshop today on pizza making as part of a wellbeing promotion, and also talked about setting up your own business and all about buying good Irish ingredients. Staff and students were delighted with the pizzas! #wellbeing #buyIrish @ddletb

Thank you to our Parents' Association for the fabulous Easter treats which were kindly received by the teachers of Lucan Community College. We are grateful to have a fantastic Parents' Association who do phenomenal work behind the scenes for our school community. @LccAssoc

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