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To infinity and beyond in Lucan CC

Last week saw us celebrate “Space Week” (4th-10th October) with the students and teachers of Lucan Community College embracing this event.

The event saw us discovering how the plants orbit our solar system, the constellations of the stars, where is the Big Dipper, can we find “Orion’s Belt”?

We also looked at how lasers worked. Did you know the word Laser is actually a scientific acronym L.A.S.E.R for Light Ampilification of Simulatated Emmission of Radiation.

Our Science teachers travelled to Birr, County Offaly over the weekend to visit the original Birr Telescope, which at one time was the largest telescope in the world. Birr Observatory now hosts one of the largest Radio Telescopes in the world.

The teachers also hosted a “Space Week  Table Quiz” for our space mad students.

Overall it was a great week, here are some Space Jokes, you might like

‘Why are there no Restaurants on the Moon?. It’s a great place to go, but there’s no atmosphere!’

‘How did the Alien break his phone… he “Saturn” it!’ 

A huge thanks to our Science teachers in the college for making this event such a huge success!