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Sixth Year News

Please see below for information regarding the graduation and examination arrangements for our current 6th years 2021.


Mr. Purcell has arranged to pass on important details to students relating to the State Examinations. This will be a Teams Live event scheduled for 1st class @ 8.55am tomorrow morning Friday 21/05/21. Teachers in each room will display the presentation on the classroom screen. It is very important that students attend this information meeting in order to be aware of how the Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied examinations will be run.

Thursday 20th May 2021

Dear 6th Year parents and guardians,

This is the final plan for the 6th Year Graduation, Wednesday 26th May 2021. It is the result of a lot of consultation, reflection and risk assessment. It puts a priority on both having a celebration of the time that  our 6th Year students have spent in Lucan Community College, and on their health and safety so that they can attend their Leaving Certificate examinations.

  1. Classes will follow the timetable on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25thMay 2021. Contact your Year Head if you need to leave school early. A note is required for absences.
  2. On Wednesday 26th May 6th Year students will come to school in full uniform at 10.35am and will go to the assigned rooms with their tutor in the L and M areas.
  3. Tutors will spend some time with their class groups to hand out mini awards (approx. 30mins).
  4. The Graduation Ceremony will then take place with Teams video streaming to each of the classrooms. This online part of the ceremony will include music, memories, speeches and videos to mark your time in our school community. Students will be brought from their classrooms to the dining hall to receive their individual awards and photographs will be taken.
  5. Tutors will present the folders containing references and year book to students in their tutor groups and students will then leave school and go home.
  6. The fact that students are attending school in uniform and wearing masks during timetabled school hours with all of the Covid protocols in place means that they are still following the school rules and keeping themselves safe.
  7. It is important to remind students and families that mixing with a wider group of people during the coming weeks is increasing the risk that a 6th year student will be named as a close contact and will not be able to attend for a Leaving Certificate examination. There will be time after the Leaving Certificate exams are over and when public health restrictions ease further to hold a family celebration with a wider group of people to mark this very special occasion.

Thanks to all of the staff members and students for expressing ideas and views, which have helped to inform this final plan.

We hope our students enjoy their final days in Lucan Community College. We wish them the very best of luck in their examinations and we thank you their parents/guardians for your ongoing support.