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programmesAt Lucan Community College, we offer the three-year Junior Cycle course, culminating in the Junior Certificate examination and currently transitioning to become the Junior Cycle Student Award (JCSA).

Lucan Community College runs a three-year Senior Cycle with a compulsory Transition Year Programme. The programmes now available in Lucan Community College at Senior Cycle are:

One of the aims of the Senior Cycle is to encourage students to continue in full-time education after the compulsory school leaving age by providing a range of programmes suited to their abilities, aptitudes and interests.

An important overall objective of the Senior Cycle is to provide for the holistic development of all students and to foster a sense of self-esteem, self-reliance and innovation to help them to be involved actively in the social and economic future of society.

Throughout all programmes, LCC provides a comprehensive learning support service.

We also offer a wide range of academic and leisure courses through our Adult Education programme. Further details about each of these programmes are given in the pages in this section.