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Personal presentation

Class Callan April 2013 printAll students must wear the full uniform with pride at all times during the academic day and also during any outing/trip where appropriate. From time to time there will be uniform spot checks.

Students who do not turn up to school in full uniform must be logged by the tutor or teacher who takes morning registration. If a student is continually not wearing the school uniform properly they will be dealt with through the normal procedures in the referral system. Parents/Guardians of students without full and proper uniform including shoes shall be contacted to rectify the matter. Students who are missing any piece of their uniform must have a note from their Parents/Guardians.

Personal presentation for students

The general presentation of students affects the image the public has of the school. You should, therefore, ensure that you are in complete uniform at all times while in school, travelling to and from school or attending any function as part of a school party.

Extreme hair styles affect the image of students and of the school and are, therefore, forbidden. The style of the hair should not be extreme including but not limited to mohawk, shaved styles and/or patterns, hair braided with another colour, etc. The colour must be a natural colour for a student to have and cannot have dyed or highlighted sections. Students infringing this rule by having an extreme hairstyle or an unnatural colour will be instructed to correct the matter by the next school day. Natural nails only are allowed as false nails have caused accidents in recent years. The School Principal will have the final say regarding uniform.

Jewellery, including rings, may not be worn. Any piercings, with the traditional exception of small stud ear-rings (one in each ear lobe for girls only), or tattoos are strictly banned. Students wearing inappropriate piercings will be asked to remove them immediately. For this reason, students should not arrange to get new piercings during or approaching the school term.

Parents should note that the school has adopted a positive policy towards the elimination of designer clothing and footwear. With the agreement of the Parents’ Council, we have banned designer labels (NIKE, ADIDAS, MAN UNITED, etc.) in order to counter the pressure put on parents and peers to get involved in this commercial spiral. Runners have been a problem in the past on this front and while students may wear any colour runner they must be appropriate for the PE hall. This is a school rule and as such it is vital that parents adhere to this and other guidelines, in their own interests, but also to avoid putting pressure on other families who may not be able to afford the inflated prices for designer items.