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Student photos and images policy

Recording major events is an important part of the life of any school. Lucan Community College is proud to display a visual record of our history and achievements. Lucan Community College may have cause to take photographs, videos and voice recording of students as part of the curricular and co-curricular activities we provide.

This data is stored in the school archives and may be used to promote the school by means of our website, brochures, local/national media, publications and presentations by Dublin and Dún Laoghaire Education and Training Board and presentations to educational communities.

Your consent to group images that do not name your son/daughter is assumed unless you notify the school in writing that you do not want your child included in such images. We will try to ensure that any images we use on the school website will not give the full name of the individual student without seeking parent/guardian/over 18 student approval.

The following procedures will apply in relation to the taking of photographs or videos of students:

  • students will usually be ask if they are happy to be part of a photo/video being recorded and expected to be used in a printed or online publication
  • staff will be aware of possible child protection issues when taking photographs or videos and the purpose for which they are used
  • students may be identified in publications in recognition of their participation in events/activities
  • it is each student’s individual decision whether or not to give his/her name to a member of the media who attends a school event and takes photographs. Please discuss this with your son/daughter so that they make an informed decision in this regard
  • where a student or parent is concerned about the use of an image on a school online forum, they can request the image to be removed by contacting the school.

You will be asked to consent to this policy on enrolment of your child to the school.