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School trip procedures

tripprocedures1Trips are a huge part of the extra educational service we provide in Lucan Community College. Teachers voluntarily give of their time during school and also during their holidays. The huge majority of our students are always excellently behaved on any outing and we are proud of their good behaviour, but also expect nothing less than their best.

The following are typical of some of the trips in any given year:

  • 1st year – End of year day trip, BT Young Scientist trip
  • 2nd year – End of year day trip, Stratford English trip, International trips
  • 3rd year – Trips to National Concert Hall for music students, modern languages weekend trip
  • TY – German exchange trip, French trip to Paris, overnight Team Building trip, many day trips
  • 5th year – Usually one international trip and sometimes an End of year day trip, Subject related trips
  • 6th year – College open days, Subject related trips

All staff that are providing a trip for students outside the normal running of the academic day seek parental permission to allow that student to go on that trip.

A simple signed letter from an organising teacher with returnable slip will include:

  • details about the trip/event, what class or group is going etc.
  • dates and times of departure and arrival back to the school
  • cost, if appropriate
  • names of travelling teachers
  • contact numbers for overnight trips
  • a short sentence stating that the school code of behaviour and uniform code (where appropriate) applies at all times on every trip.

tripprocedures2Parents/guardians please return all forms with your sons/daughters.

  • Students must be responsible for bringing this slip back to the organising teacher.
  • As a rule, teachers will ensure that all students return back to the school and will not allow students to make their own way home.
  • Sports events/games and some T.Y. activities do not need specific permission from parents, but it is still good practice for the teacher/staff member/coach organising the game/event to remind all students to let their parents know where and when they are playing/going to an event, especially if the return time is after school hours.

International trips -teachers always organise a meeting of students and their parents/guardians to go through all the aspects of the trip, including the rules that must be followed by all students and appropriate sanctions that may be used if and when these rules are broken. A register of attendance will be kept at these information meetings. Students who do not abide by the school’s Code of Behaviour rules may be required to return home early at parents/guardians expense.