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IT policies

itpolicyInformation and Communication Technology is an important part of the education system in Lucan Community College. The college uses IT for communication purposes publishing useful information on its website and on the School App. IT is also used as a resource in the teaching and learning process throughout the college.









The following policies appear in the student journal and the college currently has a draft ICT policy  which will be ratified shortly. These policies are for the safety and protection of all members of the school community.

IT in Lucan Community College

Students are allowed to use a computer room as long as there is a supervising staff member present in the room. Students and parent/guardians need to sign the front of the college journal to show commitment to the Student Computer and Network Usage Agreement below to be able to use the college’s computer facilities.

Rules of the Computer Rooms:


  • Place all of your bags to the back of the room.
  • Follow Health and Safety rules by keeping food/drink in your bags and away from computers.
  • Check computer at beginning of class and notify teacher of any faults.
  • Use the internet appropriately and safely.
  • Save all work to your name (firstname and lastname) on the server2k3 in the correct folder.
  • Ask the teacher for permission before printing.
  • Place your name in the header or footer before printing.
  • Collect your printed work, log off correctly and tidy your area before leaving the room.
  • Be patient when technical problems arise.

Student Computer and Network Usage Agreement

Any student who uses the College/Centre’s computer and network facilities or personal device does so on the understanding that he/she agrees to abide by the Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board’s Computer and Network usage Policy and by the Code of Practice outlined below.

The primary purpose of this Code of Practice is to ensure that all users operation in a safe and secure environment and that the computer and network resources and personal devices in the College/Centre are protected from loss, modification or destruction.

I agree:

  1. To accept that any behaviour considered inappropriate in the ordinary world is also considered inappropriate in the virtual work and that inappropriate behaviour in using the Internet is prohibited.+
  2. To make no attempt to circumvent data protection schemes, “hack” into systems or interfere with the intended operation of the College/Centre’s computer and network resources and to accept that “hacking” is a serious offence under criminal law.
  3. Not to access, download, save, create or transmit unauthorised software, “plug-ins”, games or other entertainment software (including screen savers) or save inappropriate or offensive material.
  4. Not to knowingly perform any act which will interfere with the normal operation of computers, peripherals or networks or knowingly destroy the integrity of computer-based information.
  5. Not to give another individual unauthorised access to my computer account and to make no attempt to access another individual’s computer files.
  6. Not to use the computer and network facilities for unauthorised profit or commercial purposes.
  7. Not to create or transmit any abusive, obscene, threatening, defamatory, offensive or harassing images or material or cause offence to another individual or discriminate on the ground of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religious or political belief, age, disability, race, colour or membership of the travelling community.
  8. Not to send or store anonymous e-mail or partake in or promote chain e-mail messages or send unnecessary files that would adversely affect computer and network resources.
  9. Not to open e-mail attachments from unsolicited or unknown sources.
  10. That by its very nature, the Internet is an insecure network with no guarantee of either privacy or confidentiality for its users and that information posted on the Internet is available to a global audience. I also agree not to post on the Internet any personal information such as home address, telephone numbers, contact details, or other personal information about myself or any other person without the express permission of the Principal/head of centre.
  11. Not to register or sign “visitors books” on websites with prior permission.
  12. That the College/Centre may check my computer files and monitor my e-mail and Internet activities.
  13. To report to the College/Centre any suspected abuse of computer and network resources, or any inappropriate material or e-mail that may come to my attention as well as any suspented damage or problems with files.
  14. To access the Internet during the period(s) allocated to me for this purpose only.
  15. That should I fail to comply with any of the preceding conditions, all access privileges may be denied to me and I may be subject to other disciplinary procedures.
  16. Unauthorised access to school data will be dealt with according to the DDLETB Data Protection Policy.