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Extra-curricular guidelines

extracurricular1Lucan Community College firmly believes that participation in extra curricular activities is an opportunity to be respected and as such should be held in high regard.

The extra and co-curricular programme is a vital part of our school and members of the school community give voluntarily of their time, energy and commitment to ensure the programme is successful. Students are privileged to partake in these activities and the manner in which students conduct themselves at these activities can be a source of pride for the school community. A student’s disciplinary record will be taken into account when granting permission to participate in all extra-curricular activities and trips.

extracurricular2Student responsibilities:

  • Display a high standard of social behaviour.
  • Display the principles of fairness and integrity.
  • Display proper respect for those in authority; including teachers, coaches, officials and parents.
  • Display a real spirit of cooperation.
  • Ensure they are properly prepared with the correct equipment.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Seek approval for absence from individual subject teachers, where possible, prior to their absence.
  • Catch up on any class work missed and have all homework completed by the next lesson if representing the school at any co- or extra-curricular event.

3rd & 6th Year Involvement in the Extra Curricular Programme:

  • Student academic performance should not suffer as a result of their involvement in the programme, particularly in the important exam years of 3rd & 6th year.
  • 3rd and 6th Year Heads will have a veto decision as to whether a student is allowed to participate in the extra-curricular programme – based on student attendance, attitude and academic performance.
  • Communication through our pastoral referral system should facilitate appropriate monitoring of student behaviour.