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Homework gives students an opportunity to practice skills and strategies learned in class and to engage in self-directed learning without the direct support of the teacher. Study and revision is important to prepare for assessment and to help to memorise important facts and methods.

  • Students should use their timetable and journal to plan their homework properly.
  • Students are expected to have homework fully completed to the best of their ability each night unless they have a good explanation in writing from their parents/guardians.
  • Written exercises might not be given every night in every subject, but this does not mean students can ignore the oral homework, reading, etc., that was given.
  • Students should do some revision every night.

Our homework and study policy offers step by step support to students learning homework strategies and explains the importance of parents and teachers in the process.

Homework and study policy (PDF)
Lucan Community College Personal Study Plan for 2nd Years (PDF)
Lucan Community College Personal Study Plan for 3rd Years (PDF)