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Parent-teacher meetings: guidelines for teachers

Parents are anxious to meet with you to add to their information as to how their child is progressing in our school. They also receive a school report close to Christmas and at the start of summer which reports on recent assessments that their child has completed. Parents have been reminded that they can contact any individual subject teacher through the administrative staff in our office in order to make an appointment to discuss an issue of concern. In addition they have been told that their child’s class tutor and year head have a special role in taking care of their child while they are in our school and may be of assistance where the issue is not related to a specific subject. Parents can also be referred to career guidance and counselling staff by appointment.

Due to the brief time available for each parent and teacher to talk about each student, we ask you to observe the following guidelines for the duration of the parent-teacher meeting.

  1. Please check the notice displaying the seating position for the parent-teacher meeting and ensure that your name is included or excluded where appropriate. The Principal should be informed if you are unable to attend a meeting.
  2. Please arrive on time and ensure that your name is clearly displayed on your table. Please bring any helpful documentation with you: list of the students, recent results, samples of student work, etc.
  3. Have a copy of the seating arrangement with you so that you can direct parents to their next teacher if they are having difficulty.
  4. Parents have been asked to introduce themselves and to state the name and class of their son/daughter.
  5. Because of the number of people present at parent-teacher meetings, conversations may not be very private. If an issue arises that you would prefer to discuss privately, please inform the parent and suggest that they arrange an appointment for a later date.
  6. Try to provide brief but useful information as to the progress of the student. Some teachers may prefer to write a brief summary to give to the parents. Be mindful of those waiting to speak with you and try to keep each discussion brief.
  7. Invite the parent to make a comment or ask a question before finishing the meeting.
  8. If you are finishing the meeting the parent may ask for additional time. If this is not possible, suggest that they arrange an appointment for a later date.
  9. If an issue arises that is confrontational, try to address it in a manner that is respectful of all concerned. If you are unhappy with how an issue is dealt with, you may report the matter to the Principal. If a parent is unhappy with how an issue is dealt with, suggest that they make an appointment to see the Principal to discuss it further.