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General guidelines for staff-parent communication

In fulfilment of our Mission Statement and Aims, these guidelines suggest approaches for communication between the staff and parents/guardians of Lucan Community College.

Communication should take place in a respectful atmosphere where the unique contribution of each is recognised. Teachers are the educational professionals and will endeavour to offer the most appropriate educational advice in the circumstances. Parents/guardians are the main carers of the student and are supported in this role by the school community. Students attend school to achieve a high standard of education and are supported in this role by the school community.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to and assisted in being actively involved in the education of their children. If an issue of concern arises, parents can make an appointment to meet or speak with an individual subject teacher, class tutor or year head. Issues of a serious nature can be taken directly to the Principal or Deputy Principal.

With this in mind:

  1. Meetings between parents and teachers should be arranged by appointment through the administration staff;
  2. Participants in meetings should be aware of the time constraints from the beginning of the meeting;
  3. Parent-teacher meetings are opportunities for a short input from the teacher and brief comment from parents. Any issue needing more time should be dealt with through the normal appointment system;
  4. All participants in the meeting should deal respectfully with each other. If this does not occur the meeting may be terminated and rescheduled where appropriate;
  5. Use of positive language is encouraged with the focus on solving the issue in question rather than dwelling on the negative;
  6. Staff members may refer parents to other agencies inside (Guidance counsellor, Principal, etc.) or outside (Youth Reach, Social Services, National Education Welfare Board, etc.) the school community where the need arises.

You can read the full set of our staff-parent communication guidelines here.