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Student journal

journalThe college journal is the main means of communication between student, parent and teacher. The following are guidelines for the appropriate use of the journal.

  • Students must have their journal with them everyday and at all times in class.
  • Each journal must have the student’s name and class group on the inside cover.
  • Each student must fill out their full timetable and classrooms on the inside cover.
  • The journal acts as a reference book for students and parents & as a daily record of homework to be done.
  • The journal is not a private diary and all students must produce it immediately when requested to by teachers. The college reserves the right to retain a student’s journal or copies thereof in the school files for reference purposes.
  • The journal is designed to help students organise their work and students must keep details of all homework given in it. If no homework is given in a class, students must note what topics were covered in class.
  • Defacing the journal in any way is not permitted.
  • Students are not allowed to write in another student’s journal.
  • Blank pages at the end of each week are for communication between parents/guardians and teachers, tutors and Year Heads.
  • Each student’s journal must be signed weekly by their parents/guardians but should be viewed on a daily basis and any notes acknowledged by a parental signature/note.
  • Students who forget to bring their journal to school may face a sanction. A ‘journal page’ can be collected from the front office upon signing the ‘journal replacement’ book. The student should show their tutor the completed up-to-date college journal the following day with any notes and homework filled in.
  • The loss by a student of their journal is a serious matter which shall be dealt by the student’s Year Head. A replacement journal must be purchased immediately in Abtree Bookshop.
  • Parents are reminded to write absent notes on the special absence note slips at the back of the journal.
  • Notes from home of a very personal nature should be sent in an envelope to the teacher/tutor and not written in the journal.
  • Inappropriate notes will be removed. The Principal is the judge in this regard.