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Prohibited items


Prohibited items in  our school context

  • whiteplaceholderStudents should not bring any items to school which could be dangerous or disruptive in the school context.
  • Under the terms of The Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2002, smoking is illegal in schools and in their yards and grounds since 29th March 2004. This applies to all people at all times, including visitors and at evening events. Students caught smoking or students believed to be smoking within the school grounds or within the near vicinity of the school will be issued with a €5 fine (to cover the cost of repair and cleanup) and will be dealt with under the referral system by their Year Head or the Deputy Principal. A receipt will be issued from the front office.
  • Chewing gum – a €5 fine will be issued for every student who chews chewing gum within the school building. A receipt will be issued from the front office.
  • Spitting is an unhygenic and antisocial action in the school context. A €5 fine will be issued, payable to the front office, if a student is observed spitting on the school property.
  • Permanent markers, spray cans (eg. paint, deodorant) and lighters are strictly banned, as is tippex, as the fumes can be very dangerous.
  • Mobile phones, cameras and other electronic devices (all forms of personal music players, digital, audio, photographic and video recording equipment) are prohibited, except with the express written permission of the Principal on receipt of a written request from a parent/guardian. Strict conditions apply.
  • Student’s mobile phones will be confiscated if seen/heard by a teacher and will be passed on to their relevant Year Head. It is at the discretion of the Year Head as to when the phone will be handed back depending on the offence/repeated offence. Infringement of this rule will result in the temporary withholding of the device for an appropriate period or more stringent sanctions for repeated offences. The student will be dealt with under the referral/sanction system as mobile phones/other electronic device usage by students in school may have serious consequences to the teaching and learning within our school environment. Students using such equipment as part of the curriculum are subject to strict guidelines protecting the privacy of others.
  • The college reserves the right to specify other items from time to time which may come to the notice as being dangerous or disruptive. Any items which constitute illegal substances or illegal instruments are at all times banned and sanctions will be imposed in accordance with the Code of Behaviour guidelines and appropriate school policies.
  • Students whose behaviour is of a serious nature will be dealt with under our Suspension and Expulsion policy.