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Attendance and punctuality

All students are encouraged to attend punctually for school each day. The attendance and punctuality system is explained to students by their class tutor and/or year head at the start of each school year.


A register of student attendance is taken at 9am each morning. This is marked in the official roll book and returned to the administrative office. The roll is updated to take account of students who are late.


Students who are late for registration are met at the front door. Students receive a late stamp in their journals and sign the late book. Students proceed to registration or to class and show the late stamp to the teacher whose class they join. The office staff use the late book to update the registers. Two lates in a week result in Wednesday afternoon detention for the student. The Deputy Principal operates this punctuality scheme.

The same procedure is followed for afternoon lateness.

Reporting on attendance

Students who have missed three consecutive days will have a letter sent out to parents. Monthly totals of days absent for each student are calculated and parents of students who have been absent for more than four days in the month are sent a letter. A copy of this letter is given to the year head who follows up on absences as appropriate. A photocopy is taken of each register for the most recently completed month and stored in the front office to guard against loss of information.

Students who are absent for more than 20 days in the school year are referred to the National Education Welfare Board by the Principal and the parents/guardians are informed.

A comment on individual student attendance is included on all official school reports sent to parents.

Students leaving the building

If students need to leave the building other than at lunch-time or the end of the school day, they must sign out in the book kept in the front office. Students leaving early need a note from a parent or guardian in their journal and the written permission of a Year Head or Assistant Principal.