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Child protection


“Within a supportive, safe and friendly environment,
we foster collaboration and promote equality and tolerance
as preparation for life and involvement in society.”

Lucan CC Mission Statement excerpt

The Board of Management has implemented fully and without modification the Department of Children and Youth Affairs Children First – National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children (2017) as part of our overall child protection policy.

Lucan Community College fully adheres to the Child Protection Procedures for Post-Primary Schools. The Board of Management has nominated the Principal as the Designated Liason Person (DLP) and one of our Deputy Principals as the Deputy Designated Liaison (DDLP) person for the school. The name of the DLP and the Deputy DLP is displayed below, on the parent notice board in the front hall and in our Child Safeguarding Statement. The DLP liaises with the external agency Tusla (The Child and Family Agency) concerning issues of child protection. The DLP supports staff members, parents and students who may have concerns about child protection and safety. The DLP can be contacted through the school office.

Schools authorities and all school personnel are required to follow procedures outlined in the these guidelines when dealing with allegations or suspicions of child abuse. In situations where school personnel suspect that there may be a child protection issue in relation to a student they are obliged to refer this matter to the DLP. The DLP will always inform Tusla when reasonable grounds for concern that a child may have been, is being, or is at risk of being abused or neglected exists. Tusla will in turn assess the situation and all surrounding circumstances and provide protection and support for the child concerned.

The Board of Management has an oversight role in relation to the reporting requirements set out in the Child Protection Procedures and a Child Protection Oversight Report is presented at every Board of Management meeting.

2021/22 School Year

Designated Liaison Person (DLP) – Ms Diane Birnie, Principal

Deputy Designated Liaison Person (DDLP) – Ms Gráinne Malone, Deputy Principal


Garda Vetting

The Vetting Act places statutory vetting obligations on school authorities and as a result from 29th April 16 it is a criminal offence, other than in certain limited circumstances, for DDLETB, our patron body, to contract, permit or place a person to undertake relevant work or activities with children or vulnerable persons without first obtaining a vetting disclosure from the Bureau in respect of that person.

In light of this a vetting disclosure must be obtained by DDLETB for any individual from your organisation or company visiting our school.   Each visitor should:

This information will then be forwarded to our Head Office.

The applicant will then be invited by email (so please check your email regularly, including junk folder) to complete a Garda vetting application as soon as the attached/enclosed form is received by Head Office.  If the presenters have already been vetted by the National Vetting Bureau with another school or organisation the process should not take too long but it can take a number of weeks and so we encourage you to start the process immediately. Only a vetting procedure carried out by DDLETB, will cover an individual to work in our school. This Garda clearance is then returned to our school and kept on file.

When your organisation is visiting the school each individual must report to the front office with identification so that their identity can be confirmed against the Garda Clearance certificate and they should sign the visitor’s book.

If you have further questions about this process, please contact DDLETB at 014529600.