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Lucan Community College welcomes applications for all year groups. For applications from 2022 onwards, the first year application process takes place during the October of 6th class in primary school. Applications must be on-time in order to be categorised as outlined in the enrolment policy due to the high number of applications received each year.

2022/23 Admissions/Enrolment

    Please note that under recent legislation the school can only carry out the admissions process for 2022 when students are in 6th class primary. Full details about this process will be available at the end of September 2021

2021/22 Admissions/Enrolment (New Policy Enrolling from 1st October 2020)

  • 2021 Admissions Notice Sept 2020 Please read this carefully to see how any new applications made under this revised policy will be managed as the enrolment process for 2021 has already taken place under the previous 2021 policy and all available places have already been offered and accepted with a numbered waiting list now in place.
  • New Admissions Policy 2021 from 1st Oct 2020.pdf
  • New 2021 Application Form Application Form under new Admissions Policy for 2021 for new applicants and transfer students – (can be accepted from 1st October 2020)

2021/22 Admissions/Enrolment (Original Policy Enrolled from October 2019 until 30th September 2020)

2020/21 Admissions/Enrolment

2019/20 Admissions/Enrolment