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Welcome to the information page for Admissions to our college. Lucan Community College welcomes applications for all year groups and this page outlines how you should apply.

1st year applications take place from 1st October each year for application currently in 6th class primary school. For applications from 2022 onwards, the first year application process takes place during the October of 6th class in primary school. Applications must be on-time in order to be categorised as outlined in the enrolment policy due to the high number of applications received each year.

2022/23 1st Year Admissions/Enrolment

All relevant documentation for admission to 1st year is available here:

  • 2022 1st year Application Form The First Year Application Form for 2022 can be downloaded and completed electronically or printed and hand-written. All completed forms should be hand delivered to the Lucan Community College office during office hours 8.30am to 4.30pm. Please note the office usually closes early on a Wednesday (2.30pm) Forms that are incomplete and do not have the relevant attachments will be returned. Copies of the application form will also be delivered to the prioritised primary schools on or shortly after 1st October. There is no priority given to forms that are submitted earlier than others once the form is submitted before the closing date 12 noon, Friday 22nd October 2021.
  • Approved Admission Policy 2022
  • 2022 Admission Notice
  • Form BOMR1 – Form requesting a review of a refusal to enrol by board of management Please print and complete this form and address it to The Secretary, Board of Management, Lucan Community College, Esker Drive, Lucan, Co Dublin.

2021/22 Admissions/Enrolment (New Policy Enrolling from 1st October 2020)

2021/22 Admissions/Enrolment (Original Policy Enrolled from October 2019 until 30th September 2020)