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Guidance & contact numbers for support services for parents.

Parent/Guardian Support Numbers







  • Schools have not ‘shut down’ – Although most children will not be physically attending school you will still be able to communicate with senior leaders or, in some instances, teachers.
  • Don’t try to replicate a full school timetable – It won’t be possible to replicate a full school timetable for a variety of reasons. Giving yourself and your children permission to accept this can be a big weight lifted.
  • Expect stress – This is an uncertain and unpredictable situation, stress and anxiety are normal.
  • Reassure children – Children can sometimes believe they are responsible for things that are clearly beyond their control. Reassure children that it is the adult’s job to make sure things are OK and to keep them safe.
  • Help children stay connected to their friends – Friendships are a key resiliency factor for children and young people. Most children see their friends nearly every day of the week and so not being in contact with them for some time might be upsetting. Is it possible for children to talk to their friends on the phone? Perhaps establish a group Skype or WhatsApp call? Perhaps they could write letters to each other.
  • Normalise the experience – Normalising the experience is likely to reduce anxiety for many children. Reassure children that lots of adults and other children are in the same situation.
  • Have a routine and structure – Having a plan and a predictable routine for the day can be very reassuring. As adults we like to know what is going to happen, and children like this too. A consistent routine lets everyone be secure about the plans for the day. It is often useful to involve children in creating this routine, so that they feel part of the plan, rather than the plan being imposed on them. You could display the routine using a timeline, or maybe pictures and visuals. Encourage children to develop independence by referring to their own routine/plan themselves.
  • Don’t worry if the routine isn’t perfect – Remember, this isn’t a normal situation. If you find that planning and sticking to the routine is causing more stress, friction or conflict, then it’s OK to be more ‘free-flow’. Perhaps be guided by the activities that children want to do.
  • Avoid putting too much pressure on academic work – Most parents and carers aren’t teachers and so it’s OK not to be doing ‘school work’ for six hours a day. It might be more important to be spending time together, building relationships, enjoying shared activities and reassuring children, as opposed to replicating the school timetable.
  • Try to keep work in one place – If children are doing school work or project work at home, try to keep it all in one place so that it doesn’t spread out over the house. This can help to maintain a work/home boundary. We know that people live in different circumstances that might mean this isn’t always possible, so perhaps there might be other ways to ‘signal’ the end of working e.g. putting away the work and then enjoying a favourite song or shared dance!
  • Reduce access to rolling news – It is important to keep up to date with new developments and announcements, but it can be hard to switch off from the constant stream of news from media outlets and social media. Reduce the time spent hearing, reading or watching news – at the moment it might be overwhelming for adults and children. Try to protect children from distressing media coverage.
  • Supervise children with screens – It is likely that children and young people will be using screens more often over the coming weeks e.g. phones, tablets, gaming consoles and the internet. If this is the case make sure they are supervised. Ensure appropriate content filters are active and try to ensure all children have a balanced range of activities each day. Involve children and young people in these discussions so that they feel part of the plan.
  • Provide reassurance about exams being cancelled – Young people may now be concerned that the exams later this year may not be going ahead as planned. They may feel like all their hard work has been for nothing. Acknowledge that is a bit uncertain right now and reassure young people that the government and Department for Education are working on a plan.
  • Play – Play is fundamental to children’s wellbeing and development – children of all ages! It’s also a great way to reduce stress in adults.

Adapted from document published by the Division of Educational and Child Psychology (DECP) British Psychological Society (BPS)


Contacts numbers for support services for students

Student Support Numbers


  • Childline Freephone 1800 66 66 66, Free Text 50101, Live Messaging Also Available at

Jigsaw Online Group Chats – which are happening daily and are focused around issues related to mental health and the impact from Covid19. This is an anonymous form so young people can engage in a confidential way as facilitated by Jigsaw clinician. This link can be checked daily and you need to register three hours before the chat.

Ask Jigsaw – Ask here and have your queries answered by Jigsaw Clinicians. These are trained mental health professionals who have lots of experience supporting young people and their families with their mental health.

Jigsaw Instagram – Young people, parents and those that work/volunteer with young people should keep an eye on our Insta page where we are posting daily new videos/group chats/live mindfulness sessions/service updates to support young people at this challenging time.

  • Pieta House 1800 247 247 Pieta provides free therapy to those engaging in self-harm, with suicidal ideation, or bereaved by suicide.


  • ie (for students 16 and above) They provide information on a range of different topics broken down into sections; education, employment, health, life and opinion.


  • National Centre for Guidance and Education

Anxiety – A Resource for Students

Anxiety – A Resource for Parents

Further resources on anxiety and stress


  • Relaxation Techniques

5 Senses (when you are trying to quiet your mind) – Focus on 5 things you can see, 5 things you can hear and 5 things you can touch.

HSE Vaccination for 1st years

The college will host their annual vaccination days as part of the HSE’s Vaccination Programme on Monday 28th September and 12th October for our new first year students. The vaccines will b delivered to both boys and girls.

Monday 28th September: classes Cedar, Elm and Oak will receive their vaccines

Monday 12th October: classes Rowan, Sycamore and Willow will receive their vaccines

A letter has been sent home with students and this must be returned by Monday 21st September to tutors during morning tutorial.

The HSE will administer the following vaccines to boost immunity and protect against additional diseases:

HPV vaccine which protects against HPV related cancers

Tdap vaccine which protects against tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough (Pertussis)

MenACWY (Meningitis) vaccine  which protects against meningococcal types A, C, W and Y

More details of the vaccinations and what is required can be found here HSE School Vaccinations September 2020

Press release LC2020

Lucan Community College Leaving Certificate Results 2020


There was a very different sense of anticipation in relation to Leaving Certificate results this year. While our first day of school for our full student cohort continued on without any sounds of excitement in the air, teachers still waited with anticipation for the release to the school of the results. It was certainly not the same without our students gathering and celebrating along with their teachers, tutors and year head and we all missed handing out the brown envelopes and watching as they were opened. We hoped that you managed to make the process a little bit special in your own homes.


Overall the results received very much matched the expectations that teachers had for their students and the evidence that students had provided to their teachers in their ongoing assessments over the last two years. “The class of 2020 managed a very challenging situation and step forward into the world of further training, study or the world of work with an ability to deal with disappointment, change and uncertainty like no other year group. Their support for each other and the gratitude shown to their teachers who worked remotely with them from March to June has been wonderful to experience”, said Principal Diane Birnie.


Parents, guardians, families and friends supported and guided students throughout their second level education and especially during the remote learning period and the changing landscape of how students would be assessed.  Lucan Community College appreciates abnd commends this support and involvement. The college community thanks the students for their contribution to the college during their time here and is confident that the future holds wonderful things in store for them all.


Ms Clarke, year head, offered congratulations and best wishes to all of the students and said “You all did your best and we, in Lucan CC are very proud of you all. You are all choosing different paths and we wish you well as you embark on a new journey.” Our career guidance counsellors have made themselves available to advise students about their results and about their CAO offers and appointments can be made by email or phone.


Principal Ms Birnie and Deputy Principals Mr Brett, Mr Purcell and Ms Malone offered particular congratulations to top Leaving Certificate achievers this year including: Alex Hanley (who achieved maximum points – 625) with Lucy Reade, Delfin Malaj and Emmet Bellew all over 600 points. Our other top achievers this year were Sean Egan, Sam Doyle, Aisling Kavanagh, Laura Lakes, Aaron Mc Garth, Olan Song, Jordan Lee and Daniel Power.


Many students achieved personal best results and can be proud of their achievements. We remind students who may not have achieved their desired results to engage in the appeal process through the Calculated Grades Portal and to seek advice from career guidance counsellors and support agencies as there are many paths open to students. We wish our graduates very best of good luck in the future.


Student/Parent/Guardian Update Week Beginning 7th September 2020

Student/Parent/Guardian Update Week Beginning 7th September 2020
Good evening students and parents/guardians
This message is to remind you of the current key arrangements for school and to update you on some of the things you had questions about during induction and changes we have made for the week ahead.
Induction slideshows
All students who attended the induction day(s) during the first week of September should have watched the Student Induction PowerPoint including videos (Powerpoint for Return to school for students September 2020) and the Student Well-being PowerPoint with voice-over (Wellbeing Presentation for students 1st –6th year Sept 2020). We encourage parents to watch these also so you have an understanding of the safeguarding protocols we have put in place for our school community. Any student who was absent and did not attend induction MUSTwatch these presentations before returning to school.
All timetables and rooms have now been updated on VSware. Please logon to your VSware account and print or write down your classes and rooms for the week. Each student needs to take personal responsibility for having their timetable written into their journal. All VSware account details were given to students during induction. If you do not have your VSware account details please contact a classmate to ensure you know Monday’s timetable and ask for help to access VSware when you come to school on Monday.
What you should bring to school
Whatever you bring, please label everything! Lost property will have to be binned this year unless we can immediately return it to the student.
All students must wear a facemask to school. These masks must be worn at all times when a distance of 2m between people cannot be maintained. If you have a health concern about wearing a mask, please arrange for your parent to contact your Year Head who will explain the process for seeking alternative arrangements. Refusing to wear a mask or engaging in unsafe conduct with a mask will be treated as a serious breach of the code of behaviour.
All students should bring their health pack to school as outlined in previous newsletters and during induction. We advise students to bring spare facemasks and a reusable bottle of water. Students who are staying in for lunch should bring a healthy packed lunch. All students must have their journal and be in full uniform. If you have PE or TY leisure pursuits on your timetable that day you should wear your PE uniform for the full school day.
We advise students to bring their phone to school with the Covid Tracker App enabled. Phones should have bluetooth switched on but should be set to silent, not vibrate. A set of head phones for the phone is also advised. The Teams phone app should be downloaded and teachers will explain how to use the school wifi. Unfortunately the school cannot take responsibilty for lost or stolen items so ensure that you have your own insurance for expensive items you intend to bring to school.
Bring as many books and resources as you can comfortably carry each day. Subject teachers will give specific advice about what to bring​ each day. Use your journal to note what they advise. We understand that not having lockers will prove challenging!
Arriving to school
For Monday 7th September only we are having a staggered start with Junior students (1st, 2nd and 3rd years) arriving for class at 8.55am and following their full timetable until 4pm and Seniors (TY, 5th and 6th years) arriving on time for their 10.27am tutorial class following their timetable for the remainder of the day.
From Tuesday 8th September all students will arrive for their first class at 8.55am.
To avoid gatherings in groups outside or within the school grounds, please wait until 8.30am to enter the school grounds each day. Enter from either the main front gate or the side gate opposite SuperValu. Walk outside the building until you reach the entrance closest to the first classroom you are moving to. You can then enter the classroom and take your assigned seat following all of the protocols outlined during induction – social distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene. Remember to follow the one-way system to avoid people meeting face-to-face as much as possible and to help us all to remain 2m away from each other.
Satellite Classes
If there are more students in a class group than student spaces in the classroom the excess number of students will be directed to a satellite room. Where possible the teacher will upload classwork and homework to the class Teams group so that all students (in the classroom, in the satellite room and at home if sick) can access the work. Where possible the teacher will set up a Teams meeting while they are teaching in the classroom so that students in the satellite rooms can hear what the teacher is saying through their phone and headphones. We will continually rotate the students attending the satellite groups so that no student is overly disadvantaged by this process. Rooms for satellite groups will be displayed around the school. Students should talk to their tutor at tutorial/pastoral care if they have any concerns.
Little Break
Year groups 1st to 4th will have their break during classtime as outlined in the table below and will spend the official break time sitting in their tutor base class . 5th and 6th years only will have their break during the official break time. Please see the timings and areas of the school that you should use for break as well as the toilets you should use throughout the school day. Remember this is part of the school’s efforts to prevent different year groups from mixing. Each Year Group should in effect be a different ‘Pod’. 




Break Zone 



Cedar, Elm & Oak


Memorial Garden 

C Area Toilets 


Sycamore, Rowan & Willow




C Area Toilets 


O Riordan Walsh & Collison 


Millennium Garden 

D/E Area Toilets 


Greta, Malala & Gonzalez 


Memorial Garden 

D/E Area Toilets 


Setanta, Lir Grainne 


Outside M and Basketball court 

L Toilets 


Meabh and Danu 


Outside M and Basketball court 

L Toilets 


McAuley, O’Riada& Clarke 

11.05- 11.15 

Millennium Garden 

G Toilets 


Hone, Gandon

11.05- 11.15 

Memorial Garden 

G Toilets 


Connolly, Lynn & Markievicz


Memorial Garden 

G Area Toilets 


O’ Farrell, Pearse & Plunkett 


Millennium Garden 

G Area 









10.15- 10.27 

H area/ Basketball court

H Toilets 

Teachers teaching at these times will finish class at 10.05 or 11.05 (TY) and bring their students with their belongings to the designated break area and will supervise students as you have a snack and use assigned toilets for your year group. Students will then go to their tutorial base room where they will sit during the official little break period. Remember masks must be worn where a distance of 2m cannot be maintained. With the staggered break time, there should be plenty of space for students to take mask breaks!

Tutorial/Pastoral Care
Please check the table below for the most up to date list of classrooms for each tutor class. The one in your journal was updated over the Summer. Where there are more students than there are class places, we have formed an extra satellite tutor group in the year with a mixture of people from each of the different classes. Your tutors explained this to you at induction and hopefully you are clear which tutor group you will be attending at 10.27am on Monday. Ask your Year Head or link DP if you have questions.


1st Year


Year Head



J. Carey



E. Bean



A. Flynn / C.Healy

C. Clarke



E. MacManus / R. Duggan*

Satellite room: B2 (R. Duggan)



S. McGeever



L. Quirke / E. Barbour


2nd Year


Year Head



M. Mulhern 

G. Casey

Satellite room: F2 (V. Conway)



A. Byrne



K. McCarthy 



M. Gaffney /  E. O’Gara   



M. Cunningham / V. Conway*



A. McKelvey / G.Clifford


3rd Year


Year Head



N. Walsh / A. Hickey 

J. Grimes  

No Satellite Room Required 



M. Mellett   



T. Doyle / PJ Doyle



S Coogan  



N. Gallagher / M. Ní Ruaidhri 


4th Year


Year Head



P. Callaghan 

U. Twyford  

TY & LCA Programme Coordinator:    


Satellite room: Dining Hall 2             (M. Flanagan)



JP. Foley



H. Dowling 



H. Suttle 



D. O’Donoghue



M. Ni Chonaola / J. Spillane


5th Year 


Year Head



E. Ni Bhriain

J. O’Connor  

Satellite room: H7 (C. O’Flynn) 



F. Coghlan/R. McAnerin 



F. Murphy 



K. Branagan 



M. Feeney 



A. Quirke


6th Year 


Year Head



E. Geraghty 

E. Brady 

Satellite room: H6 (G. Keating)



M. Freeman



K. Mc Cormack



U. Howley / G. Keating*



G. McKeever / C. Kenny



A. Brooks / C.O’Gorman

Deputy Principal Offices
Mr Brett – link for 1st and TY year students (office in A area near staff room)
Mr Purcell – link for 2nd and 5th year students (office in A area near staff room)
Ms Malone – link for 3rd and 6th year students (office moved to M area)
Year Head Offices
1st year Ms Clarke A area office near staff room
2nd year Ms Casey D area office
3rd year Mr Grimes D area office
Transition Year Ms Twyford A area office near staff room
5th year Ms O’Connor A area office
6th year Ms Brady A area office

New Lunch Time Arrangements

Junior Students (1st, 2nd and 3rd years) should arrange to go home for lunch if possible and must complete the journal lunch permission page at the front of their journal. If you must stay in for lunch, then you must bring a packed lunch and go to your tutor base classroom to eat it. Half of the class (Group A) will stay in to eat their lunch from 1.15 to 1.35 (remembering to maintain 2m distance, hand sanitise and wipe down desks and chairs) while the second half (Group B) can go out to the pitch area marked for their year group (weather permitting). Then when the bell sounds at 1.35pm, the two lunch groups will swop over. Junior students cannot go to local shops or restaurants for lunch.
4th years All students who live close by please go home for lunch each day. SuperValu centre is only available for TYs on Thursday for those who cannot go home: Classes McAuley, O’Riada, Johnston can visit SuperValu from 1.15pm on Thursdays and classes Hone, Gandon, Clarke from 1.35pm. Students who must stay in school for lunch must bring a packed lunch and eat in their tutor base class at 2 metre distance and can use the pitch area marked for their year group (weather permitting). Students can self-divide into two lunch groups if there are too many in a room to eat socially distanced.
5th years: All students who live close by please go home for lunch each day. SuperValu centre is only available for 5th yrs on Tuesday for those who cannot go home: Classes Connolly, Lynn, Markievicz can visit SuperValu from 1.15pm on Tuesdays and classes O’Farrell, Plunkett, Pearse from 1.35pm. Students who must stay in school for lunch must bring a packed lunch and eat in their tutor base class/social area at 2-metre distance and can use the basketball court area marked for their year group (weather permitting). Students can self-divide into two lunch groups if there are too many in a room to eat socially distanced.
6th years: All students who live close by please go home for lunch each day. SuperValu centre only available for 6th yrs on Monday and Friday for those who cannot go home. Classes Hume, Corrigan, Beckett can visit SuperValu from 1.15pm on Mondays and Friday and classes Williams, Walton, Heaney from 1.35pm. Students who must stay in school for lunch must eat in their tutor base class/social area at 2-metre distance and can use the basketball court area marked for their year group (weather permitting). Students can self-divide into two lunch groups if there are too many in a room to eat socially distanced.
Home Time

Junior students classes end at 4pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, at 1.15pm on Wednesday and on 3.20pm on Friday.

Teachers will be releasing senior students slightly (5-10 mins max) early at the end of each school day so there is clear access to tunnels/exits/gates for our junior students.
Parents/guardians dropping or collecting their son/daughter by car should make arrangements to drop/meet their son/daughter away from the school entrance – especially when it is raining. Student safety is a priority.
Thank you for taking the time to read through these arrangements and we wish all of our students an enjoyable first week back to the timetable. Parents/guardians can continue to address any queries they may have through the front office or 016282077.


Leaving Class of 2020 – LC Results Information

Leaving Cert Results - St. Kierans College, Secondary School, Kilkenny

Dear LC Class of 2020

We hope that you have managed to relax over the Summer after all of the changes and uncertainty you have lived with since March 2020.

While we would have loved to have you with us on Monday 7th September, the day that you receive your results, sadly due to the current restrictions on visitors to school and shortage of space in the building, it is not possible.

Details of how you will receive your Leaving Certificate results are available here: .

You will be able to view your Calculated Grade results online on the student portal. You can download and print your ‘Statement of Provisional Results of Calculated Grades for Leaving Certificate 2020’. This is the only way for students to receive a hard copy of the Calculated Grades as, while schools will be provided with details of the results electronically, formal Statements of Provisional Results will not be issued to schools this year.
If you would like to contact the career guidance counsellor team, please Email:, or depending on who you worked with for the CAO process. General queries can be sent to or Phone: 016282077. When you make contact the relevant person will get back in touch to arrange an appointment phone call with you. They will do their best to answer your queries or questions either on the day you receive your results, or when you received CAO offers. However, there can be no discussions about schools’ estimated marks or rankings submitted as part of the Calculated Grades process. Any questions or queries in this regard should be directed to the Calculated Grades helpline/email.

Calculated Grades Helpline: 1800-111135 or 1800-111136. Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions the helpdesk phonelines will ONLY be available between 9am and 4 pm on Monday 7th September to Wednesday 16th September. Outside of these hours you can email

On behalf of everyone in Lucan Community College, especially Mr Brett, Ms Clarke and your team of tutors and teachers, I would like to wish you every success and hope that Monday grants you a set of results that appropriately match the hard work and dedication you put into your school work during the last 6 years. May the various paths you follow in the years ahead bring you happiness and fulfillment and may you remember us kindly.

Diane Birnie
Lucan Community College

Welcome back to 5th Years

Our 5th year management team have sent a message of welcome to our 5th year students with details of times, rooms and equipment needed for their induction day tomorrow, Friday. Please read through this with your son/daughter so that they are prepared for a warm but different welcome back to school.
Message from the 5th year Management Team

Welcome back information for our Transition Year students

Message from the Transition Year Management Team

Dear Parents and Students,

The Transition year management team are looking forward to welcoming the students back to Lucan Community College on Friday after our prolonged absence. Management and staff have been busy making preparations for your safe return to school.

We would like to outline a few brief reminders as you get ready to join us on Friday 4th September at 9.45am.

  • On your arrival at school all Transition year students should enter by the front gate. Please arrive on time and go straight to your assigned room.
  • Classes Mc Auley, O’Riada, Johnston and Hone turn right and proceed towards your allocated room in area M.
  • Class Clarke turn right and enter the building via the student K tunnel and proceed to the Dining Hall.
  • Class Gandon turn left and enter the building via the student C tunnel and proceed to Room F5
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the school grounds without first making an appointment through the front office.
    Your Deputy Principal, Mr Brett and I will be there to greet you and guide you to your rooms.
  • Your induction will take place in the following rooms:

Class Mc Auley: Room M1 with tutor Mr Callaghan

Class O’Riada: Room M3 with tutor Mr Foley

Class Johnston: Room M4 with tutor Ms Dowling

Class Hone: Room M5 with tutors Ms Suttle and Ms Cormac

Class Clarke: Dining Hall with tutors Iníon Ní Chonaola and Mr Spillane

Class Gandon: Room F5 with tutor Ms O’Donoghue

  • We are sure that you are getting ready for your return to school and that you have your uniform, books, equipment for each subject, pencil case and school bag ready as advised in previous emails.
    On your first visit please just bring a copy and pen/pencil case. You will receive your school journal and important items of information can be written into this.
    Please bring a drink and a snack with you as you will be in the college until 12.15pm

Remember to have your student hygiene kit in a sealable plastic bag containing the following:

  • a small bottle of hand-gel sanitiser.
  • two reusable washable face-coverings (face-mask design must be appropriate for a school setting – use common sense please!) Face coverings should be kept in a plastic bag when not in use.
  • a small face towel for drying.
  • Please do not bring any books with you for your induction day. As students start classes from September 7th you should only bring in what you can comfortably manage to carry in your school bag. Teachers will advise students of what essential items are needed for class.

Your tutors will go through all the finer details with you on Friday.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Kind regards.

Una Twyford and the management team.

Welcome back message and information for 2nd years

Our 2nd year management team have sent a message of welcome to our 2nd year students with details of times, rooms and equipment needed for their induction day tomorrow, Thursday. Please read through this with your son/daughter so that they are prepared for a warm but different welcome back to school.

Message from the 2nd year Management Team

Welcome back to our 3rd year students!

Our 3rd year management team have sent a message of welcome to our 3rd year students with details of times, rooms and equipment needed for their induction day tomorrow, Thursday. Please read through this with your son/daughter so that they are prepared for a warm but different welcome back to school. Message from the 3rd year Management Team

Transition Year Programme Coordinator Welcome Letter to Parents

Transition Year Greeting

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you are all keeping well and I look forward to seeing our TY students back in Lucan Community College for their Induction presentation on Friday morning, 4th September. The Department of Education has planned a full return to school for all students and this has had considerable impact on how we would normally run our Transition Year programme. I ask for your support and understanding while we attempt to navigate these unchartered waters. I intend to proceed with TY with the same spirit, enthusiasm and dedication as was the case pre Covid19 but, of course, there may be sudden changes along the way. However, I can ensure you that I will endeavour to think positively and creatively if faced with such changes.

The scheduled Transition Year programme is dynamic, varied and provides great learning opportunities. I am confident that the timetable and any activities that are planned will be beneficial and meet the social, educational and developmental needs for all our students.

Many students may experience difficulty securing work experience in Term 1 and they will instead continue to follow their scheduled timetable in school during those two weeks in October. We hope that the situation may have changed by the February slot. If you have secured work experience (that follows all HSE guidelines) you may proceed with this during this two-week window before October mid-term.

Students usually participate in voluntary community work experience on a Friday afternoon and again it is unlikely that many students will be in a position to secure these placements this year. I have arranged for an on-line module called ‘Make That Course’ that each student will be obliged to complete in lieu of this component. This will be completed at home but the student’s progress will be monitored and credits will be awarded accordingly. All details will be given to the students at their induction.

Many thanks to all of you who have submitted the TY Application forms to me in June, however there are still some outstanding. This form must be completed on-line (available on the school website before the TY students return on  4th September. Thanks also to those of you who have paid the first instalment of the TY fee which is to be paid by September 11th through the school’s on-line payment system. I am mindful of the financial constraints facing some families and at all times trying to get best value when sourcing TY programmes and courses. For now, this first instalment is required and we will seek payment of the second instalment later in the Term.

I look forward to re-engaging with the students and building on their progress over the junior years. All of us in Lucan Community College continue to have high expectations for our students in terms of attendance, punctuality and crucially, participation in all class work and all activities. The more positive the student’s attitude this year, the more positive the outcomes will be for them. We are all here to support and guide them at this juncture but we are mindful that Transition Year demands more independent engagement from our students. Together we will make this a rewarding and enjoyable year, one that will enhance them as people and learners and a memorable one for all.

I look forward to working closely with Ms Twyford, as Year Head to this group and her team of tutors and to getting to know your sons and daughters.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact me at

Yours sincerely,

Imelda Higgins Programme Coordinator

Important Information to Welcome back 6th year

Dear 6th year students
We are looking forward to welcoming you back to school tomorrow. Please see the attached information so that you know times, place and what you need to bring.
Information to welcome back 6th Year students 2020