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Read all that is happening in Lucan CC http://lucancc.ie/2021/10/lucan-cc-newsletter-13-october-2021/ @ddletb @LccAssoc @LearningLucanCC

Danke schön to all the students and teachers involved in the Virtual Exchange. Looking forward to our virtual trip to Gymnasium Münchberg in February already. Bis wir uns wiedersehen. @LearningLucanCC @LccAssoc @ddletb @languages_ie

Vielen Dank to everyone involved in our closing ceremony for our Virtual Exchange. Great for students to talk with each other ‘live’ and lovely to see how many connections have been made. @ddletb @LearningLucanCC @LccAssoc @languages_ie


Read about Lucan CC and Gymnasium Münchberg’s virtual Exchange in Frankenpost @ddletb @LccAssoc @Frankenpost @languages_ie @LearningLucanCC

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