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Online Payment

Click here to enter the Online Payment system.

Information for Parents/Guardians on Outstanding Payments and Refunds 30 April 2021

Click here for Information letter for parents 30 April 2021
The refund survey is now closed. We will continue to process refund requests received to this survey. Thank you for your patience. Any further queries can be emailed to the college at admin@lucancc.ie

Instructions for Online Payments – updated January 2021

In order to facilitate ease of payment of school funds, Lucan Community College is using the MIT eNROL online payment system. This means that you can pay voluntary contributions and other school expenses through our secure online system by credit or debit card and keep track of payments paid and print off a receipt. We can only accept payment by cheque/cash if you are having difficulty accessing the online system.

To set up and use your online payment account:
1. On your device, open your browser
2. Go to the school webpage www.lucancc.ie
3. Click on Online Payment
4. You should see the ETB Online Payments System .
5. For your first time to login for this child select the Create Account button. (If you are a returning user enter your email and password and skip to step 10.)
6. Enter your child’s first name, surname and PPS number. You may need to enter a 0 (zero) at the start of your PPS number. Be careful if the name uses an Irish fadas or any apostrophes. If you have any difficulties at this stage please email/phone the school office for assistance (admin@lucancc.ie or 01-6282077).
7. Press NEXT.
8. You will be asked to confirm if your address and contact details are correct and you must enter an email address for further communication. (This email address will be become your new username.) You must also create and confirm a password. Keep a secure record of this information as this is what you will use to login on future occasions. At this stage, you will also be asked to choose a Recovery Question and Answer eg: Favourite Pet. This helps when you have forgotten your password. Ensuring your mobile number is correct will also assist when you have forgotten your password.
**N.B: Your password will expire every 90 days (3 months), so you will be prompted to change.
9. Note that you can edit your child’s personal and contact details on the system. If you notice an error in your details please click on the ‘edit’ button and ‘update’ once corrections have been made. Please tick the box confirming your details are now correct and click the Confirm button. An email will then be sent to the college to inform the office of the change so that we can correct our records.
10. You will see at least two tabs in the payment screen depending on how many children you have attending Lucan Community College. Choose the Family tab if you wish to pay a number of fees or choose your child’s name if you wish to make a payment against that individual.
11. You will see different year tabs. Please select 2021/22 to make a payment for that academic year. View the other tabs to see if there are any outstanding payments to be made for the previous year.
12. Choose the amount you wish to pay from the payment dropdown and click the Next button.
13. Enter your credit card details as instructed on the screen and click on the SUBMIT button ONCE ONLY to avoid multiple payments. If you have any difficulties at this stage please phone the school office.
14. Print a receipt and attach a copy of the receipt to the relevant form if requested by the school.
15. If requested, deliver the form and attached receipt to the relevant person (as explained on the form) by the due date to confirm your application/reenrolment or your child’s involvement in the relevant activity.

If you cannot use the online system please email your issue to us at admin@lucancc.ie or phone us for assistance. Please support our efforts to reduce the amount of cash and cheques we deal with in the school office. Thank you for your assistance.