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Events coming up at LCC


Addition to Code of Behaviour for Covid-19 protocols

Students and Parents/Guardians please note:

The Board of Management have approved the following additional policy provided by the Department of Education relating to students following all arrangements in place for the health and safety of our students. It can be read in full here: Lucan CC Covid-19 Health and Safety Policy

This policy coupled with our newly adopted additional rule from our last Board meeting:
should act as a clear deterrent to any student who is not taking the special arrangements seriously.
We are delighted by the respect shown by most of our students for our rules and usually a gentle reminder by staff is all that is needed to correct something. However, having the strength of wording of this policy behind the school in case of a serious infringement offers reassurance to the school community that such matters will be taken seriously and that the health, safety, physical and mental wellbeing of all school staff and students and their families are of absolute importance.
While classroom compliance with the rules and regulations is at a very high level, we have some ongoing concerns about the physical distancing of students outside of classrooms and on the journey to and from school. We ask all parents/guardians and students to discuss this seriously and return next week with a determination to follow physical distancing rules more strictly. Remember we are doing this not only for our own safety but also for that of the most vulnerable in our wider school community.
Please ensure that parents/guardians and students discuss this new policy and its implications over the days ahead as it is now officially part of our code of behaviour even though it is not published in the student journal.

Interactive PE activities for everyone

Lucan CC Interactive PE Document

Contacts numbers for support services for students

Student Support Numbers


  • Childline Freephone 1800 66 66 66, Free Text 50101, Live Messaging Also Available at childline.ie

Jigsaw Online Group Chats – which are happening daily and are focused around issues related to mental health and the impact from Covid19. This is an anonymous form so young people can engage in a confidential way as facilitated by Jigsaw clinician. This link can be checked daily and you need to register three hours before the chat.

Ask Jigsaw – Ask here and have your queries answered by Jigsaw Clinicians. These are trained mental health professionals who have lots of experience supporting young people and their families with their mental health.

Jigsaw Instagram – Young people, parents and those that work/volunteer with young people should keep an eye on our Insta page where we are posting daily new videos/group chats/live mindfulness sessions/service updates to support young people at this challenging time.

  • Pieta House 1800 247 247 Pieta provides free therapy to those engaging in self-harm, with suicidal ideation, or bereaved by suicide.


  • ie (for students 16 and above) They provide information on a range of different topics broken down into sections; education, employment, health, life and opinion.


  • National Centre for Guidance and Education

Anxiety – A Resource for Students https://www.ncge.ie/sites/default/files/20190704%20WSG-Anxiety-Stress-Student-Resource-Sheet-EN.pdf

Anxiety – A Resource for Parents https://www.ncge.ie/sites/default/files/20190704%20WSG-Anxiety-Stress-Parent-Resource-Sheet-EN.pdf

Further resources on anxiety and stress https://www.ncge.ie/wsg/anxiety-stress-further-resources


  • Relaxation Techniques


5 Senses (when you are trying to quiet your mind) – Focus on 5 things you can see, 5 things you can hear and 5 things you can touch.

Covid-19 resources in a range of languages.


Important message from the Guidance Department

We hope you are all well and have managed to engage with the new learning methods available to you. Please try to maintain a good study routine and try to get some fresh air every day, while practising social distancing.
If you have any guidance queries, please email your guidance counsellor (firstnamesurname@lucancc.ie). As soon as we have any important information, we will communicate this to students. We will be in touch when the SUSI student grant system opens for applications. CAO change of mind will open on 5th May and stay open until 1st July. Please remember you can continue to apply for PLC courses and apprenticeships where relevant online. Please contact your guidance counsellor if you would like any assistance with that. We are here to help and hope you are all keeping well.

Wellbeing Week Monday 2nd-Friday 6th March 2020 – Schedule of Events






Wellbeing Schedule 2020.docx X2

Trialing wearing PE uniform for full day on days students have PE

Dear staff, parents and students

Thank you for engaging in the consultation process around the uniform. As a result of this process we will be making some changes to our uniform policy. The first change regarding our PE uniform will be trialed from Monday 24th February to the Easter break on 3rd April 2020.

During this trial period all students should wear their full PE uniform to school on the day their class has timetabled PE. The PE uniform should be worn for the full day when PE is scheduled on the timetable for students. This is a change from current practice.
This will reduce the weight of bags that students need to bring to school, reduce the need for storage space for schoolbags and PE bags and ensure that students have a longer time engaging in PE class as they will no longer need to change at the start or end of class. While awaiting our new extension including a new PE hall, this will also alleviate the stress on our limited PE changing facilities for staff and students.


For 1st year students the PE uniform must consist of the new crested school tracksuit top, crested full college tracksuit (top and bottoms) and appropriate footwear (any colour runners suitable for multi-sports).

Students in all other years can wear the new version as outlined above or can wear the previous version of the school’s PE uniform which consists of plain white t-shirt/polo (no logos), plain black tracksuit bottoms (no logos, no leggings, no sports tights), a crested black tracksuit top, and appropriate footwear (any colour runners suitable for multi-sports).
Students may change into a plain white t-shirt under their crested PE tracksuit top if they need to freshen up after a particularly strenuous PE class.
Please note:
  • If a student fails to present themselves in full PE uniform the student will be sanctioned in line with the college’s code of behaviour.
  • If a student presents in PE uniform on a day when they do not have timetabled PE the student will be sanctioned in line with the college’s code of behaviour.
  • Tutors will continue to monitor student uniform during pastoral care classes and are aware of the days when their tutor class has PE on the timetable. Referrals will be made through the code of behaviour as needed.
Student who have other subjects (e.g. TY First Aid, TY Drama, Voluntary work etc.) or extra-curricular training or matches should arrive in full school uniform for their usual classes and should make arrangements with the relevant teacher to change into and out of their PE gear/sports kit while attending the specialist class or the match/activity.
We look forward to your cooperation in this change as we wish to ensure that our school uniform continues to reflect the high standards we expect of our students.
Yours sincerely
Diane Birnie
Full uniform details can be accessed here.

HSE advice on staying healthy

The HSE letter attached advises schools, students and their families on how to avoid contracting infectious diseases.
More advice is available on www.e-bug.eu/ and www.undertheweather.ie
Certainly worth a look!

LCC students hit their boats and get rowing

Rowing Ireland continue their support of our efforts here in the college to improve student fitness and growing awareness of rowing as a fun activity.

This week the college held a Transition Year Rowing workshop to encourage students to get fit and see the enjoyment of this wonderful activity.

A very enjoyable morning and a great experience for our PE students.

Well done everyone involved and thanks to Rowing Ireland and our PE Department team for organizing this wonderful event.

Heavenly Lunch for Home Economics Students

5th year Home Economics students, enjoying the dishes they had prepared for one of their food assignments as set out for their Leaving Cert .

Well done everyone, good work, a high standard achieved by all.