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Events coming up at LCC


Addition to Code of Behaviour for Covid-19 protocols

Students and Parents/Guardians please note:

The Board of Management have approved the following additional policy provided by the Department of Education relating to students following all arrangements in place for the health and safety of our students. It can be read in full here: Lucan CC Covid-19 Health and Safety Policy

This policy coupled with our newly adopted additional rule from our last Board meeting:
should act as a clear deterrent to any student who is not taking the special arrangements seriously.
We are delighted by the respect shown by most of our students for our rules and usually a gentle reminder by staff is all that is needed to correct something. However, having the strength of wording of this policy behind the school in case of a serious infringement offers reassurance to the school community that such matters will be taken seriously and that the health, safety, physical and mental wellbeing of all school staff and students and their families are of absolute importance.
While classroom compliance with the rules and regulations is at a very high level, we have some ongoing concerns about the physical distancing of students outside of classrooms and on the journey to and from school. We ask all parents/guardians and students to discuss this seriously and return next week with a determination to follow physical distancing rules more strictly. Remember we are doing this not only for our own safety but also for that of the most vulnerable in our wider school community.
Please ensure that parents/guardians and students discuss this new policy and its implications over the days ahead as it is now officially part of our code of behaviour even though it is not published in the student journal.

Lucan Community College’s 2020 graduates return

Some of Lucan Community College’s 2020 graduates paid us a visit last Wednesday afternoon. The Parents Association were collecting the balance of money for Debs tickets (postponed until November with additional backup dates if needed).

Ms Mellet arranged to distribute memory envelopes that some of the students had written in 1st year to their future 6th year selves. There were smiles and laughter as students read out some of their 1st year hopes and dreams and Ms Clarke, Year head and other teachers popped out to say socially distanced hellos.

In his letter to future self Stanko wrote: “I would like to get enough points on the LC for my dream job – Air traffic controller” and is now off to study for this career in DCU.

Ciara asked herself – “did I fail Junior Cert Tech Graph” and was relieved that she hadn’t. She wasn’t so sure if her aspiration to improve her hand writing had been successful as yet though.

Lorcan had wondered: “Will I be the next Usain Bolt”. Not yet he smiled!

Students also sought out teachers to pass on thanks for their support during the remote learning period and throughout their time in school and lovely cards and emails of thanks were received.
Our guidance team was in contact with most of the class of 2020 and were supporting students as they made choices for the year ahead. We are delighted that most of our students are now on a path to further study, training or starting employment. Well done for weathering the storm of Leaving CertIficate 2020.

LC Update for 2020 Graduates

Dear 2020 Graduates of Lucan Community College

I wish to inform you that the school stage of the Calculated Grades process is now complete and was submitted to the Calculated Grades portal last Saturday.

Your teachers put a lot of thought and effort into completing the process and school management worked hard during June to ensure that all parts of the process were carried out and results entered exactly as instructed by the Calculated Grades section of the Department.

May I thank you and your parents on behalf of the school community for the manner in which you dealt with the final weeks of term and the absence of inappropriate pressure or interference in the calculated grades process. It was a challenging role for teachers to take on – but it was made that much easier by the knowledge that you put your trust in them to be fair, unbiased and professional.

My congratulations to your Student of the Year Emma Fallon and your Overall Student of College Alex Hanley (announced by video on our school website) and to all of the finalists and nominees.

We will post out your school reference and your Year Book in the coming weeks and we hope that they bring a smile to your face and a renewed sense of pride in all you accomplished during your time with us. When school restarts and circumstances are clearer, we will start to plan for a graduation and prize-giving event and will be in touch again. As your school email addresses will no longer be active in the new school year, communication will be by text message through your parent/guardian mobile phone.

We hope that June has been a more relaxing month for you and that everything will work out well for you in the coming months until the results are released and in the coming years as you map out your future.

It was a pleasure knowing each and every one of you.

Take care,

Diane Birnie

THANK YOU- to local businesses and the parents association.

‘Thank you’ to all the local businesses and to the Parent Association for your amazing support and hard work.

Press release-National Parents Council

Dear Principals,

In these unprecedented times we appreciate your efforts in keeping all of our young people safe.

As we received news we will endeavour to circulate it to as many as we can. If possible we ask you to circulate this announcement from IEPA to your Parents/Guardians to help in any way possible to lessen the impact of not being is school as much as possible.

If there are other measures that we can do to help you in any way please let us know.

Kind regards,

 Aideen Nicholson

 National Parents Council



Support our upcoming events

UPDATE: Lucan Community College are delighted to announce one important event for your calendar. Please support our Bingo Night in the Lord Lucan 13th Feb 7.30pm.
The Self-care Workshop for Parents/Guardians Supporting Young People due to be presented by Jigsaw as part of our involvement in the One Good School may need to be postponed from Tues 25th Feb 7pm to another date. We will keep you updated.


HSE advice on staying healthy

The HSE letter attached advises schools, students and their families on how to avoid contracting infectious diseases.
More advice is available on www.e-bug.eu/ and www.undertheweather.ie
Certainly worth a look!

New Year Message from the Parents’ Association

Parent Association Update for New Year 2020

Dear Parents & Guardians,

The Parents Association (PA) would like to wish you all a happy new year and to update you on what has been happening since the AGM in September.

The PA supports the school in many ways behind the scenes. Our motto is ‘many hands make light work and every little helps’.  Thanks to your support through various raffles, used clothes collections and the annual fundraiser the PA have been able to provide so much for our school over the years, most recently:

  • Colourful benches in the hall areas outside classrooms for students to hang out;
  • Sports gear for the various team events which all require different types of jerseys;
  • Computer equipment and learning support reader pens;
  • Support for school activities and societies, such as the History dig for first years;
  • Vouchers for prizes and incentives for school initiatives e.g homework club, amnesty bake-off;
  • Christmas icicle lighting in the two courtyards to complement the lovely student festive artwork.

It all takes time, planning and preparation.  You see where this is going ……

Here is the fundraising invitation from the PA for 2020:

How can we raise the most money ever with the combined/focused effort from all of us?

The annual fundraiser which will take place at 8pm on Thursday 13th February 2020 is A Karaoke Bingo Night at The Lord Lucan, with a bumper raffle.  

Here are some ideas on how you might be able to help us out:

  • Put the date in your diary.
  • Can you come along on the night? Bring a friend?
  • Will you buy some raffle tickets? Sell some raffle tickets? Donate a prize?
  • Do you have a company which can do something to help out?
  • Do you work for a company who has a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative that could help us or the school out? With this fundraiser or with another initiative?
  • Have you any ideas to make it a really great night?

A lot must happen before the 13th February to make it a success. There are more and more demands on people’s time, so by working together we just might surprise ourselves with how easy and fun the whole process can be. Contact us via email: lccparentsassoc@gmail.com.

For updates follow us on:

Facebook: Parents’ Association – Lucan Community College

Twitter: @LccAssoc

Thank you, from everyone involved in the Parents’ Association.

Case of mumps in Lucan Community College: April 9th 2019

There has been an identified case(s) of mumps in Lucan Community College and your child may have been exposed. If your son/daughter has either had mumps or has received the two doses of the MMR vaccine, the chance of him/her developing mumps is lower. If, however, your son or daughter has not had mumps and has not received two doses of the MMR vaccine, then it is quite possible that he/she might get mumps. Please read the information provided by the HSE in the link below.

Mumps: HSE letter to parents of pupils in Lucan Community College

What are the symptoms of infection?
Mumps is a viral infection. Symptoms of mumps include fever, headache, malaise and swollen, tender salivary glands (usually the parotid which is a type of salivary gland located just below the front of each ear). Mumps often gives the appearance of swollen cheeks or jaw. Meningitis (inflammation of the covering of the brain itself) and deafness can occur. In adolescent and adult males mumps can cause inflammation of the testicles (orchitis), but, contrary to popular belief it is not a frequent cause of infertility.

Symptoms tend to decrease after one week and have usually resolved after 10 days.

How is mumps spread?
Mumps is spread from person to person by coughing or sneezing and by direct contact with saliva or discharges from the nose and throat of infected individuals. People infected with mumps may spread the infection to others even when they do not have any symptoms.

Infectiousness of mumps
Cases are infectious for up to 7 days before the cheek swelling appears and remain infectious for 5 days after symptoms develop.

What to do if you have symptoms of mumps
As mumps is a viral infection, if you suspect your child may have any of the symptoms described please keep them at home for a period of 5 days after you first notice any of the symptoms appearing.

MMR vaccination
The best protection against mumps is to be fully vaccinated with 2 doses of the MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) vaccine.