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Events coming up at LCC


Lucan CC Newsletter 13 October 2021

Lucan CC student plays soccer for Ireland

Aoibhe Fleming (3rd Year Class O’Riordan) has been representing her country abroad. Aoibhe has travelled to Norway to represent Ireland on the U17 women’s Irish Soccer Team in round 1 of the Euros. Ireland beat Hungary in their opening Group 1 game and went on the defeat Bulgaria 3-0 thus securing a place in Round 2.

Photo: https://www.fai.ie/ireland/under-17-womens/latest

Aoibhe is a fantastic role model to all and an excellent representative from Lucan Community College and the wider community to represent Ireland at an international level. Best of luck to Aoibhe and the Ireland U17 squad as they take on hosts Norway on Friday. You can get the latest updates here.

Active Learning in History class

Class Valentia created and designed their own Early Christian Monasteries through some beautiful artwork. Well done! Great to see examples of active learning in Lucan CC.




German Exchange

It would take more that covid to thwart the German exchange Lucan CC enjoys with Gymnasium Münchberg. And so it was that on the occasion of its 30th anniversary the exchange took place virtually. As Lucan CC principal Diane Birnie said to the cameras „Nichts kann uns stoppen!“ ( “Nothing can stop us!”).

At the opening ceremony students introduced themselves as teachers gave encouragement „Traut euch einfach!“ (“Have faith!”). The ceremony included words of praise and encouragement from principals and former principals, and a message from former student Nellie Woods who now works with Post Primary Languages Initiative.  A letter from President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins was also read out in which he his “congratulations on arranging such an innovative event”.

Over the course of the exchange students attended classes in Lucan CC in areas of History, Geography, Music and Celtic Art. Jack Harte, a former Principal of Lucan CC, also conducted a poetry reading.


The Irish students each worked alongside their German partners to practise GAA and soccer skills, do some baking, singing and dancing. The virtual exchange was reported on in the German newspaper Frankenpost whose reporter Claudia Serbert said „Was in Harry Potters Zauberwelt funktioniert, geht diese Woche auch im Gymnasium Münchberg.“ (“What works in Harry Potter’s Magic world is also possible in the week in Gymnasium Münchberg.) You can read the article in full  here.

There were also more formal opportunities for students to develop and practise their language skills through making PowerPoint presentations on language and culture of Ireland and researching Irish artists. Students were also set a project to work on with their partner in preparation for the second leg of the exchange which will be hosted by Gymnasium Münchberg in February.The event concluded with a farewell ceremony packed with music, quizzes and a wealth of memories of the week together virtually.

Well done to the German department on the super-efficient organisation and thank you to all those who continue to make this exchange such a worthwhile experience for our students here in Lucan CC and in Gymnasium Münchberg.


Basketball is Back!

The wait is almost over! Basketball Ireland have announced that League games will begin after the Midterm Break. Training for under 16 and under 19 boys and girls has started with a great uptake of almost 100 students. This shows how much extra-curricular activities have been missed by students in Lucan CC. It has been great to see the return of many players as well as a good cohort of new recruits. Training for boys is on a Monday at 4pm in the gym and is being coached by Mr C. MacGrianra and Mr K. Clancy. Training for girls takes place every Tuesday at 4pm in the gym with Ms. L. Quirke, Ms. Dowling and Ms. R. Doherty. This is the last week for registering players so if interested please contact Ms. L. Quirke ASAP!


3rd Year Study Skills

Our 3rd Year students will attend a study skills and Mental Health workshop in Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th November. In this workshop they will cover topics such as: Managing emotions, Building resilience, Finding balance and minding yourself. What a great opportunity for these students at such a crucial time for them!


Transition Year Students Volunteer at the Academy in Lucan Sarsfields

While many are enjoying a much deserved lie in on a Saturday morning, some of our Transition Year students are helping develop football and hurling players of the future at Lucan Sarsfields. Well done to Sean McGowan, Conor Smullen, Lee Murphy, Josh Murphy, Daragh Kenna, Rory Egan, Eabha Lillis, Lauren McGivney, Robert Keher, Cormac Coffey and Milly Hughes! Led by development officer David Moran the students help out in the academy which caters for boys and girls aged four to six.



National Porridge Week

To acknowledge National Porridge Week which ran from the 4th to the 10th of October, our first year Home Economics students prepared their own delicious granola.

girl holding tray of potatoesIngredients: 150g porridge oats, 25g coconut oil, 25g golden or maple syrup, 25g mixed seeds, 25g dried fruits, 25g mixed nuts or just add your favourite seeds, nuts and dried fruit and stir them in!


1.      Preheat oven to 180° C or Gas Mark 4.

2.      Prepare nuts and dried fruits (if using)

3.      Melt the syrup and coconut oil together in a pot on a low heat.

4.      Mix the porridge oats, seeds, nuts and dried fruit together in a large bowl.

5.      Add the melted syrup and coconut oil to the bowl of dry ingredients and stir well.

6.      Place greaseproof paper on a flat baking tin and pour mixture onto tray and spread evenly.

7.      Bake for 20 minutes and remember to stir the mixture after 10 minutes.

8.      Allow to cool and place in an airtight container.

9.      Serve with some milk or yoghurt and fresh berries for a healthy, balanced breakfast!

More exciting and nutritious recipes using porridge oats here .



1st year 2022 applications

The application form for 1st year 2022 is now live on our website from 1st October. Closing date is Friday 22nd October. Application forms will also be distributed to feeder schools.


Student Journalists

We are currently recruiting student journalists who will contribute to this Newsletter in the future. The team will be introduced after the mid-term break. Look out for exciting articles and the student voice of Lucan Community College in the weeks ahead!







Lucan CC Newsletter 6th October 2021-Andrew Purcell departs for new position

Farewell to Andrew Purcell – much respected Deputy Principal

The staff, students, parent association nominee and chairperson of the board all turned out in force to wish Andrew Purcell farewell on Friday 1st October. Andrew moved to St Farnan’s Post Primary School, Prosperous to take up the role of Principal from 4th October. The staff social committee made a number of presentations to Andrew in the form of a Principal’s survival kit on Thursday as staff gathered to recall the wide and varied contributions that Andrew has made to the school during his 21 years here, 12 of them as Deputy Principal.

Andrew started in Lucan Community College in 2000 as a teacher of Music and Geography having previously worked in St Tiarnan’s Community School and Kings Hospital School. During his time as music teacher he inspired many students to achieve great performances on stage in the National Concert Hall as part of the Co Dub VEC/DDLETB Festival of Music, in 19 school musicals and at countless school events and ceremonies. Many students also progressed to studying music at 3rd level. Andrew recounted his love of school events that allowed students to demonstrate their achievements including graduations, music practical exams and also recounted stories from the many school trips and tours that he had organised and supervised.

Imelda Higgins, wife and colleague to Andrew, spoke about how they met in the staff room and how they had enjoyed many years of Friday evening discussions about education and would continue to do so in the future. Andrew spoke warmly about the support he had from his wife and family as he took on his new role.

Always ready to champion those who needed help and support, Andrew served on the school TUI committee for a number of years. He also held the roles of TY coordinator, website coordinator and Year Head bringing a level of innovation and improvement to everything he led. No stranger to sport, Andrew started the student rugby teams with other colleagues and shared his passion for the sport with students and staff both on and off the field.

Andrew listened, he understood complex issues from different perspectives and took time to engage with the school community on many and varied topics. He acted from a supportive stance for students and parents/guardians and did his utmost to resolve challenging situations before they escalated further.

Messages from current and former students, staff and parents were gathered into a booklet for Andrew and he was honoured and proud to read comments thanking him for his “guidance and kindness”, for being approachable, encouraging and a “great support” to students. His colleagues called him a “gentleman in the truest sense” and recalled his “professionalism and passion” as a teacher and his “compassion and hard work” to support members of staff.

Speeches from John Grimes, Genevieve Casey and John O’Connor long-time colleagues of Andrew and Diane Birnie, principal, recalled the wonderful contribution that Andrew has made to the college over his 21 years and how much he will be missed. The school senior leadership team of Diane Birnie, Stephen Brett and Grainne Malone are delighted to be joined by Elaine Brady who was appointed as Deputy Principal.

Andrew’s final hours in Lucan CC included a guard of honour formed by 3rd and 6th year students who applauded him warmly followed by a quick visit to every classroom in the school to say his goodbyes. A final presentation from staff and the board of management and many individual cards gifts from colleagues and students ensured that Andrew can begin his new role confident and proud that his approach to leadership and the skills and talents he has practised were very much appreciated in Lucan CC and with good wishes that the same will be true in his new school.

collage of people saying good bye to someone

Thank you Andrew! Lucan CC will miss you.


1st year 2022 applications

The application form for 1st year 2022 is now live on our website from 1st October. Closing date is Friday 22nd October. Application forms will also be distributed to feeder schools.


Historians of the future

“Local history brings history home, it touches your life, the life of your family, your neighborhood, your community.” –Thomas J. Noel, Denver author and historian.

The history department would like to congratulate all 3rd year history classes for their amazing CBA’s on local and  family history. Great work as historians.


Ad Astra Scholarship for Lucan CC student

person being presented with plaqueIt was great to see David Wright (class or 2021) return to his alma mater this week so school principal Ms Birnie could present him with his plaque to mark his award of a UCD Ad Astra scholarship. “The UCD Ad Astra Academic scholarship programme seeks to recruit exceptional, high-achieving students and provide them with additional support and unique opportunities as they study for a degree at UCD.  These students will have a proven record of academic excellence and a desire to continue to achieve at the highest level”.https://www.ucd.ie/adastraacademy/academic/scholarships/

Many teachers in the school took the opportunity to congratulate David on this fantastic achievement. David’s former year head Elaine Brady told us “It is such a joy to hear more good news from David. I am delighted that he received an Ad Astra Academic Award from UCD. David is an inspiration to us all – his passion and commitment to learning and engaging with initiatives are to be admired. He is an excellent role model for our school community, and we wish him luck with his future endeavours.”


Home Economics Department promotes National Potato Day!

National Potato Day was celebrated on October 1st.

girl holding tray of potatoesWhy don’t you try these delicious potato wedges, tried and tested recently by our third year Home Economics students.

Ingredients: 500g Baby potatoes, 1 tbsp rapeseed/olive oil, 1tsp chilli powder/paprika, salt and pepper (optional)


  1. Wash the potatoes and slice into even sized wedges.
  2. Place on an ovenproof dish/tray. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with seasoning of your choice. Toss to evenly coat with seasoning.
  3. Place in the oven at 180°c for 20 to 30 minutes (depending on size) until crispy. Toss the potato wedges after about 10 minutes.
  4. Serve and enjoy!

For inspiration on how versatile potatoes can be see http://www.potato.ie


Transition Year Trip To Causey Farm

Transition year students set off at 8:30am last Monday morning for Causey Farm – marking the first trip to leave Lucan Community in over 18 months. Students had the opportunity to bake bread before visiting the animals on the farm. Students fed the donkeys, horses and llamas and some even managed to milk a cow! Later they ran through the corn maize before heading off for some bog hopping.

The highlight of the day must surely have been the freezing power wash before heading for home!!

boy with birds on his arms


Space Week

To celebrate Space Week (October 4th-10th 2021)Frances McCarthy from Blackrock Castle Observatory ‘zoomed’ in to chat to us about Space Weather and how it affects us on Earth. Science students enjoyed the talk to promote Space week which is being promoted. More details of additional events in http://www.spaceweek.ie/



German Exchange

Gute Reise to the Transition year and 5th year students as they begin their Virtual Exchange with Germany. This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the exchange with Gymnasium Münchberg! Our first ever virtual exchange started on Thursday with the Opening Ceremony.  The ceremony included  music and speeches from current and former students and staff of both schools. A lovely letter from President Michael D. Higgins was also read before students from Lucan Community College virtually, but no less warmly, welcomed the students from Gymnasium Münchberg. Look out for a further report on the exchange in next week’s Newsletter.






LCC in 1986- The Joe Jackson Video

When I became Principal of Lucan Vocational School in 1983, I decided to use my involvement in Writing to the advantage of the School, and vice versa, so I initiated this project. It had three strands. Strand 1 was the appointment of the first Writer-in-Residence in Ireland, Joe Jackson, who has now made public this wonderful video account of his year working in the school in 1986. Strand 2 was the organisation of a programme of workshops, across all genres, given by established writers for new or aspiring writers. Strand 3 was the employment of the poet, Padraig McGrane to do research and admin – this enabled me to launch the Irish Writers Union and the Irish Writers Centre. All of this new ground was broken in Lucan.
Anthony Malone who was a student in the school at the time, subsequently a teacher, and now a lecturer in the Education Department of NUI Maynooth, comments on the Joe Jackson video: ‘It brought back such great memories. It was such a genuinely transformative experience for me and was the beginning of my lifelong love of the arts.’
–   Jack Harte

Summer Newsletter

260521summer news FF

Congratulations ‘Class of 2021’



A massive thank you to all staff members and 6th year students who were involved in the Irish Times interview and video article, recorded over a four hour period on 19/05/21. These include Diane Birnie, Grainne Malone, Jason Carey, Elaine Brady, John Grimes, Una Howley, Marion Freeman and Emma Geraghty with Stephen Brett, Andrew Purcell working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.  Thanks were expressed to the wider DDLETB support teams that have worked closely with us during the last year and in particular to the Digital Support Team led by Sam Conroy. A special thanks to the Prefect Team, mentioned in the article and to the students who took part in the SPHE class that was described.  The mini life stories of our students are wonderful and their quotes do your heart good. Their maturity and positive outlook on events of the past 18 months were reassuring to hear and their display of resilience and confidence was positively commented on throughout the morning by the IT educational editor, Carl O’Brien and videographer Enda O’Dowd. The video piece highlights an SPHE resilience class designed by Emma Geraghty and co-presented with Marion Freeman. This content has also been adapted and presented to 1st year students as part of our whole school approach to student pastoral care, health and wellbeing – ‘Aontas’.





Newsletter 21/04/21



Lucan CC will launch their online extra curricular programme on April 19th. There will be a great range of club/activities for all year groups to get involved in. Huge thanks to the teachers volunteering their time and Ms. Brooks for organising.

David Wright, 6th Year Lucan CC, interviewed by The Irish Times about the finalised plans for LC2021:

David Wright, 6th Year Lucan CC, interviewed by The Irish Times about the finalised plans for LC2021: a great article from a student perspective.


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