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Pictured is the 2012/13 Gluais team
Pictured is the 2012/13 Gluais team

Gluais is the Irish word for guide. At Lucan C.C. a number of selected 5th year students take on the role as guides to 1st year students. Throughout the year, the 5th year students work closely with their assigned 1st year group. Gluais has been a valued programme in our school community since 1995.

Each year’s Gluais team consists of 10 members. Membership is through application and interview. An external interviewer comes to the school, and selects the team based on the applicants’ leadership qualities, hobbies and general suitability.

The team attend a residential training session at Easter. During this time, they meet students from other schools and meet their leaders. After the training they visit local primary schools to meet our incoming 1st years. In September, the Gluais team run an orientation day for 1st years. In the first few weeks of school, they help the first years with any problems they have with finding their way around the school etc.

Throughout the year the team take part in some fun activities with the 1st years: going on a walk of Lucan, organising the Christmas disco, and organising a 1st year fun day.

For the Gluais team, they are developing their skills in leadership, teamwork and communication. When they were in 1st year, they were happy to have the extra help and support from their Gluais team. Now they feel lucky to able to continue the Gluais tradition in the school. The cooperating teachers are Ms Grace Clifford and Ms Vivienne Conway. The college values the important leadership role played by our Gluais team members and are delighted that so many past pupils go on to become leaders on the Gluais Management Team. To find out more about the Gluais programme visit http://gluais.org/.

Our Gluais team for 2019/2020 will be announced in September.