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Our crest

lcccresthiresThe college crest shows the ruins of Esker Church, and it bears the college motto “Aontas” (Unity). Our concept of unity incorporates co-operation and mutual respect.

Traditionally associated with an early Christian foundation of St. Finian, the ruins of Esker Church link Lucan today to a heritage of almost 1,400 years.

This ancient focus for our community symbolizes a view of learning with roots over a thousand years old. A comprehensive view which saw learning as concerned with literature and art, with music and metalwork, with history and the construction crafts, with the logic of science, with physical activity and with the creativity of the storyteller – it respected the value of work and found its deepest meaning in serving all its community.

The Community College in its comprehensive curriculum and its commitment to serve the community, valuing each young person equally, has aimed to carry forward this deep-rooted tradition of learning, while equipping its students with the knowledge and skills required to face the challenges of the new millennium.