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A tour of the college


Join us on a tour of the college in words and pictures:


The school building is surrounded by ample grounds which accommodate facilities for soccer, gaelic, hurling basketball and tennis. Students also have access to the nearby Weston hockey pitch and Lucan Harriers race track.



Dedication stone

Lucan Community College was officially opened on 26 May 1989 by the then Minister of Education, Mrs. Mary O’Rourke. A number of the trees on our grounds have been planted in honour of certain people and events including Jack Harte our former principal and teachers and students from Gymnasium Münchberg our German exchange partners.



The twin internal courtyards are cloistered to allow rapid sheltered access from one teaching area to another. They also provide recreational areas which are both safe and easy to supervise. The sculpture in the centre of this courtyard is called ‘Íontas’ and was sculpted for the school by Sligo artist Fred Conlon.


Millennium garden

The second courtyard was remodelled in 2000 in order to create more space for students to circulate between classes. The design, planning and construction of the Millennium Garden was largely undertaken by students in Transition year with a lot of support from a group of teachers and professionals who gave of their time and resources. Fred Conlon also sculpted the centre piece in this courtyard. It was completed under the guidance of Mr Don Nichol ably assisted by other teachers and TY students in 2006.


General classrooms

In addition to a range of specialist classrooms, the college has a large number of general classrooms used for the teaching of subjects such as English, Mathematics, History,Ggeography etc. With the school computer network system being developed throughout the college in 2007, each general classroom has broadband access. In each area where there are general classrooms, there is access to a TV, video & DVD player, stand-alone computer, laptop and digital projector.



The college has four workshops to accommodate subjects such as materials technology (wood), materials technology (metal) technology, technical drawing and engineering. This area also has new dedicated and networked computer terminals and digital projectors on the classroom ceilings.



Hunger-inducing smells waft from the kitchen during term time as the home economics department swings into action. The main kitchen has undergone a complete overhaul and re-development in the summer of 2007 and is now a modern, state-of-the-art practical kitchen.


Art rooms

Drawing, painting, clay-modelling, batik work,… Just a few of the many different mediums that students in the college can use to express their artistic talents.


Computer facilities

The college computer system is networked and connected with high speed broadband internet access. Students have access to a wide range of software to aid them in their research. ICT and computer skills such as ECDL are taught and students are encouraged to use the college facilities to enhance the presentation of their project work. There are two dedicated computer rooms with other computers for specialist subjects available throughout the college. Language classes visit computer rooms and use headphones to record and listen to the language. Every classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard to enhance teaching and learning.


Music room

Music is currently offered at Junior and Leaving Certificate levels in two designated rooms, equiped for academic work, rehearsal and performance. Vocal and instrumental rehearsal also takes place in the school hall where there is a rehearsal piano.


Science labs

The science area has four recently refurbished laboratories and a store room for the storage of equipment and chemicals. Most Junior Certificate students take the new science course while physics, chemistry, biology and applied mathematics are all offered in the college at Leaving Certificate level. On the occasion of the retirement of our principal, Mr Séamus Ó’Néill, the Science area, known colloquially as the J-Area, was officially renamed ‘The Séamus Ó’Néill Science Suite’ in recognition of his passion for scientific enquiry, discovery and for always being at the forefront of educational developments and departures.


Stage and theatre

The assembly area with stage allows concerts, drama productions, musicals and recitals to be staged. This general assembly area is also used for examinations and as a dining area beside the canteen.


Sports hall
The spacious gymnasium provides fine facilities for physical education, and indoor sports including basketball badminton, soccer, table tennis and gymnastics. It is also used as a meeting area and for the staging of special ceremonies. It also serves as a venue for some of our evening classes.


Central Area
Centrally placed to serve the whole college are the guidance suite, learning support office and staff room.


Career guidance suite

How many points do I need? What Leaving Cert subjects should I choose? Maintained by our career guidance team.


Our canteen is managed by The Tea Rooms, Lucan. They work with staff and students to ensure that everyone has access to an affordable healthy lunch.