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Leaving Certificate Applied

lcatopThe Leaving Certificate Applied is a distinct, self-contained two-year Leaving Certificate programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life. The programme puts an emphasis on forms of achievement and excellence which the established Leaving Certificate had not recognised in the past. It is an innovative programme in the way students learn, in what they learn and in the way their achievements are assessed. It is a person-centred programme involving a cross-curricular approach rather than a subject based structure. It has as its primary objective the preparation of participants for adult and working life through relevant learning experiences which develop the following areas of human endeavour; spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic and physical.

lca1The framework of the Leaving Certificate Applied consists of a number of modules grouped under three general headings:

  • General education
  • Vocational education
  • Vocational preparation

The Leaving Certificate Applied is intended to meet the needs of those students who either chose not to opt for other Leaving Certificate programmes or who are not adequately catered for by other Leaving Certificate programmes.

Graduates of the Leaving Certificate Applied do not have direct access to higher education through the Central Applications Office (CAO). However, graduates of the Leaving Certificate Applied who progress to an approved further education award can become eligible for admission to some third level courses in the institutes of technology and following that to some degree courses in the institutes of technology and in the universities.

Modules offered at Leaving Certificate Applied level in Lucan Community College:

lca2Vocational preparation:

  • Vocational preparation and guidance
  • English and communications

Vocational education:

  • Information technology *
  • Maths applications
  • Hotel catering and tourism (specialism)
  • Information technology (specialism)

General education:

  • Arts visual *
  • Leisure and recreation *
  • Gaeilge *
  • Social education
  • German/ French *


  • Religion
  • Engineering

* One-year courses