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Board of Management


Name Nominating Body
Lavelle, Cllr. William ETB Nominee, Chairperson
O’Toole, Cllr. Liona ETB Nominee
O’Connell, Cllr. Guss ETB Nominee
Birnie, Diane Secretary to the Board, Principal
Keating, Gillian Staff Nominee (Sept 2017)
Carey, Jason Staff Nominee
Hanley, Fintan Parents’ Association Nominee
Hayes, Shona Parents’ Association Nominee
Vacant Church Nominee
Peoples, Rev. Scott Church Nominee

The Education Act 1998 describes the role of the Board of Management as managing the school on behalf  of the patron and for  the benefit of the students and their parents and to provide or cause to be provided an appropriate education for each student at the school for which that board has responsibility. The Board of Management meets approximately twice a term throughout the school year and deals with matters including review and approval of policies, appeals regarding refusal to enrol and other matters, disciplinary hearings and teaching and learning matters. The Principal reports to the Board regarding attendance and punctuality updates, suspensions, referrals to social services, admissions process, student attainment and school activities.

As part of the Board’s efforts to keep the school community in touch with the work that it does at meetings, the Board has decided to publish an agreed report on each of the meetings held as soon as possible after each meeting and to publish the full minutes of meetings once they have been ratified. The report maintains the confidential nature of many of the agenda items by not naming individuals or giving specifics on such matters. The Board hopes that these reports will assist the school community in understanding its role and function.


Reports from meetings of the Board of Management

Minutes and Agreed Reports for 2017/18

Minutes and Agreed Reports for 2016/17

Approved Minutes for 2015/16

Agreed reports for 2015/16

Agreed reports for 2014/15