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Health and safety

Lucan Community College operates under the patronage of Dublin and Dún Laoghaire Education and Training Board and works closely with DDLETB to ensure that Health and Safety standards are maintained. A full health and safety report is available for inspection at the front office.

General Duties of Employers

  • Provision of a safe workplace
  • Safe access and egress routes
  • Safe handling and use of laboratory chemicals.
  • Safe equipment, including maintenance and use of appropriate guards
  • Provision of personal protection equipment and or clothing
  • Provision of information, instruction, training and supervision.
  • Provision of adequate plans to be followed in emergencies e.g. Evacuation procedure.
  • Welfare facilities and arrangements – washing, toilets, etc.

General Duties of Employees

  • To take reasonable care for their own safety, health, welfare and that of others.
  • To make proper use of all machinery, tools, substances, etc.
  • To co-operate with their employer.
  • To report defects to Safety Representative, Safety Officer or Employer.
  • To inform the Principal if they are on any medication which could have any possible side effects which could hinder their work performance and which might be a danger either to themselves or fellow workers or pupils although they may have been certified fit for work. Staff are not allowed to attend the premises or carry out duties under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol.

Fire Protection

  • Fire extinguishers (and hose reels) are provided and correctly sited to meet statutory and insurance requirements.
  • Fire doors are in place on the corridors.
  • All fire fighting equipment is regularly tested and serviced by specialised contractors. Any defective equipment is replaced immediately.
  • All fire exits and emergency and paths of egress are marked using the standard symbols.

First Aid Arrangements

Location(s) of First Aid Boxes: Staff Room, Principal’s Office, Deputy Principal’s Office, Laboratories, Woodwork, Metal work & Technology Rooms, Main Office, Gym, P.E. Hall.

It shall be usual practice to refer injuries to the doctor /call the ambulance in the event of emergencies.


An evacuation procedure has been prepared and is provided to each employee. Employees are reminded to familiarise themselves with the procedures so that a fast and effective evacuation of the premises can be completed in the event of an emergency.


Smoking is prohibited by order of (Health Promotion and Protection Regulations 1990) in any part of the school or in any part of the school grounds. This applies to all people at all times, including visitors and at evening events.

Accident/Incident Reporting

  • All incidents, no matter how trivial, and whether to employees, pupils or members of the public must be reported immediately to the Principal. This is necessary to monitor the progress of safety standards and to ensure that proper medical attention is given where required.
  • An accident report file is retained for recording all accidents and is accessible and kept up to date.
  • Where an accident results in an employee being absent for more than three days this accident will be reported to the Health and Safety Authority.
  • The ETB should be informed of any accident which requires the completion of an accident report form.

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Lucan Community College’s Parents Association will host their first meeting of the new school year on the 5th September at 7.30pm. The Parents Association would love to use the occasion of this first meeting to welcome new members, whether your children are in the college already or if they are new students to us.

The Parents Association is great way to get involved in school life, get to know other parents and contribute in a voluntary capacity. As always, the College would like to thank the Parents Association for their continued work over the years and look forward to working closely with them again over the coming year.
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