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Events coming up at LCC


SVP Christmas Stocking Appeal

This December marks 33 years of Lucan Community College, its families, students and staff, supporting the local St. Vincent de Paul Society with our annual secret bag collection.

This Christmas 2018, sees ever increasing needs for some families, these difficult times that they may face can cause poverty, stress, homelessness and hardship of a very severe level.

Next Thursday, the 6th of December, we are having our annual school collection for the local St. Vincent de Paul Society. It will once again take the form of a ‘secret bag collection’ where the students will pass around a bag/stocking and place some money towards the society.

Big or small, all contributions are gratefully received and will go to help others in need in this community over Christmas.

A most sincere thank you, in anticipation of your kindness, and a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and New Year to all.

Ms Walsh and Ms Ryan

Lucan Community College Students Slept Out for Social Housing

On Friday May 11th, the Amnesty International group in Lucan Community College held our “Annual 12 hour Sponsored Sleep Out” for the fourth time, to raise awareness about the current homeless crisis in Ireland.
It was a great success being our biggest year yet with 34 students, 5 teachers and 4 local councillors and TD’S along with Ibrahim Halawa attending.
34 senior students slept outside in the school courtyard overnight  from 8pm on Friday 11th to 8am on Saturday the 12th of May. This was to gain an insight into what it’s like to sleep rough, to raise awareness of the housing emergency and to show solidarity with the families, children and individuals affected by it.
We invited TDs from our constituency and relevant Dáil positions, local Councillors and the Lord Mayor of South Dublin County Council to attend the “Sleep Out”.Mayor Paul Gogarty, Councillor Ruth Nolan, Councillor Guss O’Connell, TD Gino Kenny attended our event on Friday and gave their insight and solutions for the homeless crisis.
We presented Gino with our box of 701 petitions signed by students and staff.
On Monday 14th of May TD Eoin O’Broin came to our school at lunch to discuss the homeless crisis and hear our views. 
Two of our local TD’s Gino Kenny and Eoin O Broin, presented the 701 petitions to Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy  at Housing Committee Meeting on Thursday May 17th.
Ibrahim Halawa also attended the event to support our homeless campaign.  He spoke to the students about his experience being unlawfully imprisoned in Egypt and his campaigning for an end to homelessness.
We expressed our views to the TD’s and Councillors asking them to address the humanitarian crisis that is Irish homelessness, by building more social housing and providing more hostel places. 
“There is too much talking about the issue and not enough action”said Lucy, 5th year student. “It’s not the problem of the people, but the problem of the government’s inability to handle a crisis.”  Gayatri, 5th year Student.
When people think of homelessness they often don’t think of the more hidden forms of homelessness. People often think homelessness is just sleeping rough and don’t think of families living in emergency accommodation, hubs and hotels, people couch surfing, people living in unsafe environments, people in direct provision centres, people sleeping in hospitals, cars and B&Bs.
It is easy to forget about what they can’t see, but these people suffer like any other homeless person and are a victim of a neglectful government and state who do not protect one of the most basic human rights, our rights to housing. “Too many people use negative stereotypes as an excuse not to help vulnerable people”-6th year student.
In 2015, the first year of our LCC Sleep Out, there were 3,625 people homeless and as of March this year 2018, there are 9,681 homeless people recorded in Ireland.
Between July 2014 and February 2018 the number of people recorded as homeless has increased by a shocking 129%, or 6,549 people (Peter McVerry Trust).
Even with the government’s promises of building more houses and social houses, the number of families becoming homeless has increased by over 37% since February 2017 (Focus Ireland). In March 2018, there were 3,646 children in emergency homeless accommodation with their families. 
“I should never have sat in a hotel for 3 months, surrounded by tourists staring at me in my school uniform, waiting for a county council to decide they cared about me” -said a student.  Almost three-quarters of homeless young people live in Dublin.
We will continue to campaign until the serious humanitarian crisis of homelessness in Ireland is addressed.
Yours sincerely,

Lee, Naoise and Rhiannon, (students) on behalf of the LCC Amnesty group

Amnesty 12 Hour Sponsored Sleep Out


Our Amnesty students and staff will again take to their sleeping bags and sleep outdoors in the Millennium Garden area of the school in a bid to raise awareness and show solidarity with homeless families and individuals.

This is a serious campaign for social change which will involve around 30 of our students sleeping out for 12 hours on Friday May 11th.

We hope that those involved gain a measure of the experience of sleeping rough in Ireland.

Lucan CC Amnesty Group have invited many local representatives, politicians and media to be present for the event from 8pm.

Teachers are also welcome to pop in for some of the time between 8pm to 9pm to show solidarity.

Recommended Equipment List for those taking part:

* Sleeping Bag

* Pillow

* Blanket

* Raincoat/hat/gloves/scarf/layers (depending on weather)

* Bottle of water

* Recommended that everyone has a good evening meal before the challenge

* An item of non-technology for evening use – e.g. Book/ pen and paper…

Thank you to the LCC Amnesty group for highlighting this as an important social issue and particularly Ms McCarthy and Ms Doyle for their work in coordinating this event.




Mind your Mental Health: Feel Good 5 a Day


Young Social Innovators is a unique opportunity for Transition Year Students in Ireland to make a project to create awareness about a chosen social issue, thus attempting provoking change.

This year our team has decided to focus on the topic of Mental Health.

Mental Health is an indiscriminate issue that can affect anyone. For this reason, we as a group felt it was the most prominent social issue among teenagers today.

Instead of focusing on the darker and more depressing aspects of Mental Health, we decided to base the project around positive mental wellbeing.


We created the ‘Feel Good 5 A Day’, which are 5 steps a person can take daily in order to maintain positive mental wellbeing.


We assigned a colour to each of these 5 steps. Incorporating the colours was the best way to brighten up the topic that is often associated with sadness.

The steps include; Exercise, Mindfulness, Giving Back, Happiness and Communication.

These steps are vital for maintaining positive mental wellbeing, especially for students in Secondary school, who are most susceptible to poor mental health.

We also organised a ‘Feel Good Day’ in the school to spread awareness about our project. This was a massive success as we incorporated each of the steps from the ‘Feel Good 5 A Day’ into different aspects of the day.

An amazing €400+ was raised and donated to Mental Health Ireland from the day.

Our main objective is to make people aware of how to maintain positive mental health. If at least one person benefits from our campaigns it will have been worth it.

Lucan CC student honoured with art award for anti-bullying message


Congratulations to Amy Martin(class Markievicz) who has been selected for an award for her anti-bullying poster by the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre.

Amy will now get to attend Facebook International Headquarters in Grand Canal Square to receive her award and also receive a guided tour of the social media tech-giant.

Amy, along with a huge number of Lucan Community College students, entered the www.TackleBullying.ie art competition and was selected from thousands for a special award.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing bullying please speak to someone about it. Tell a friend and ask them to them to come with you to tell a teacher or other member of staff.

You can also tell your parents, someone in your family, a member of staff in school, your tutor, year head or the school’s guidance counsellor.

Remember that bullying is not okay and if you witness or experience bullying to tell someone about it.



Quote of the week – PE Department: You cannot buy your health; you must earn it through healthy living


This week’s literacy quote comes from the Physical Education department. They have chosen a quote from American doctor Joel Fuhrman to encourage us all to take care of bodies and our minds as we enter 2018.

Their quote encapsulates this as it encourages us all to place looking after our bodies and our health as our number one priority.

You cannot buy your health; you must earn it through healthy living – Joel Fuhrman

We hope you take encouragement from the PE department’s quote and begin 2018 by really looking after yourself and your wellbeing.

Amnesty Elves Deliver Santa Shoes


Lucan Community College’s  Amnesty Group was very busy today as they became Amnesty Elves and delivered shoe donations to Oxfam Ireland.


A big thank you to all students, parents and staff who donated shoes as part of Human Rights Day refugee solidarity action.


The shoes created an amazing display as part of our Human Rights Day in the college and we are delighted to be able to pass them on to a worthy charity in Oxfam so that they can continue to do their great work.

A big thank you to Ms. Doyle and Ms. McCarthy and the LCC Amnesty Group for their tireless work throughout this campaign.

LCC Amnesty Group raise awareness for Human Rights Day 2017


On December 7th, we celebrated human rights day. Our team worked together cohesively, to bring light to human rights abuses all over the world. We did this in many different ways.


We again ran a very successful “Write for Rights” campaign where we chose three cases: the Turkish Ten, Ni Yulan and Shackelia Jackson. We ran a stall in our school raising awareness by signing petitions and our write for rights postcards.


Our centrepiece was a very thought provoking display to show solidarity with refugees. It was the word ‘WELCOME’ spelled out in shoes in our main court yard. The shoes are symbolic of the long journey refugees take to flee their country to gain safety. We then donated the shoes to Oxfam.


The poetry competition continued to grow in quality. This year both 1st and 2nd years vastly exceeded our expectations. Every winner shed a light on human rights issues, through powerful poetry.


Our poster/art competitions had some amazing talent, young people combining art and articles of the declaration of human rights.


The “Great LCC Bake Off ” is getting bigger every year and we had very talented and creative bakers. Students, teachers and parents all got involved to make human rights cakes and included healthy cakes.


Overall the events were very successful. We would like to thank all the students and teachers who took part and to the English, RE, C.S.P.E and Home Economics Departments and the LCC Amnesty group.


Written by Lee,  Cian –  On behalf of LCC Amnesty Group

Lucan CC raise vital funds for St. Vincent de Paul for Christmas


Lucan Community College staff, students and parents rallied together again this Christmas 2017 to raise much needed funds for St. Vincent de Paul.

The entire school community have embraced this special fundraising for SVP over the last number of years and it has grown both in strength and numbers.

The year staff and students continued with the tradition of the secret bag collection during morning registration. This allows for secret donations to be given in a pressure free capacity.


Lucan Community College’s commitment to the work of St. Vincent de Paul goes back many years having started in 1986.

In our old school building in Lucan Village, currently the site of Lucan Youthreach, staff and students made Christmas hampers that were distributed by SVP throughout the local community.

This Christmas 2017 has seen a further increase in pressure for families in difficulty. We hope that the funds we raise as a school community alleviate these pressures for some in our community.

If you or someone you know are in need of help this Christmas please contact St Vincent de Paul.

The college would like to thank Ms. Ryan for her continued dedication and commitment to this annual fundraising event.

This year we would also like to thank Ms Walsh and Ms. Mulhern for helping to organising the secret collection and also to the Transition Year and 6th year Prefect teams.

Lucan CC to celebrate Human Rights Day on Dec 7th

humanrights day

Lucan Community College celebrates Human Rights Day on Thursday 7th December to mark the anniversary of the composition of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


As passionate believers of Human Rights, the Lucan Community College Amnesty group, with the help of our English, CSPE, Home Economics and R.E. departments, have decided to organise a variety of activities and events to raise awareness throughout the whole school tomorrow.


These events and activities will include; The Great LCC Human Rights Bake Off’ competition and bake sale, poetry and poster/art competitions, the decoration of the school with different articles in the Universal Declaration written onto colourful art balloon and a global Amnesty ‘Write for Rights’ campaign.


Thank you to Ms Doyle and Ms McCarthy, all the teachers who have helped in any way and especially to the Amnesty student team in the college for their dedicated drive to bring the importance of Amnesty International and human rights to the fore.

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